10 Beach Games to Make Your Summer Memorable


A day at the beach isn’t complete without some exciting games as you hang out with your friends or family. These 15 beach games promise to add a little extra spice to your summer adventures. Grab your sunscreen and be ready for fun-filled activities.


Sirata Beach Resort/Facebook

A beach classic, cornhole involves tossing beanbags into a raised platform hole. Easy to set up and simple to play, it’s a favorite for all ages. Accuracy and hand-eye coordination get a good workout with this game.

Paddle Ball

Holly Kuper/Facebook

Perfect for pairs, the paddle ball lets you volley back and forth with lightweight paddles and a ball. This game keeps you active and improves hand-eye coordination. Playing on a soft sand field adds an extra challenge, making each match more exciting.


Carol Heyse/Facebook

Combining frisbee with strategy, Canjam is a team game where players aim to get the frisbee into a can with help from their teammates. The unique scoring system and fast-paced nature keep everyone on their toes. Skill and teamwork make this game perfect for a beach day with friends.

Beach Volleyball

 Kampus Production/Pexels

Beach volleyball brings a competitive edge to your beach day. Setting up a net and dividing into teams makes for an exciting match. The soft sand provides a unique twist, intensifying each game.

Bocce Ball

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For a relaxing yet strategic game, bocce ball is perfect. Players toss bocce balls aiming to get closest to the pallino. Learning is easy, making it ideal for a leisurely afternoon by the water.

Beach Tennis

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Blending tennis and beach vibes, beach tennis involves rallying a softball with paddles over a low net. Fast-paced and engaging, this game is a great workout. Short rallies keep everyone active and involved.

Sandcastle Building


Not just for kids, sandcastle building offers a fun and relaxing way to spend time by the shore. Gather your creative tools and sculpt masterpieces in the sand. Imagination is your only limit.

Beach Flags

Life and Soul Port Hedland/Facebook

A game of speed and agility, Beach Flags involves racing to grab a flag on a signal. The fast-paced nature is perfect for a quick burst of excitement. Simple and competitive, it’s a favorite among all ages.

Water Balloon Toss

Lake Rickabear Camp/Facebook   

Refreshing and fun, water balloon toss involves pairs tossing balloons back and forth, stepping back with each catch. It’s a great way to cool off and share a laugh, and wet surprises make it a hit with everyone.

 Beach Soccer

Ayodya Resort Bali/Facebook

Traditional soccer gets a sandy twist with beach soccer. Form teams and enjoy the challenge of playing on an uneven surface. Diving and sliding are safe on the soft sand, adding to the fun.

Written by Devin J