The 20 Richest Female Tennis Players of All-Time


We all know that being a pro athlete is one heck of a gig. On top of the fame and chance to build a legacy that few of us “normal people” will never get the chance to experience—well, not on a global stage, at least—one of the major benefits that many experience is having financial security for a long, long time. And while it is widely known that female athletes don’t make as much as the opposite gender, that doesn’t mean they aren’t rewarded nicely for their athletic skills. To further that proof, just take a look at this list of the top-20 richest female tennis players ever (according to career earnings).

Photo: Ashraf Khunduqji/Flickr

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Written by Nick Dimengo

Graduate of the University of Kentucky. Cleveland sports fan. Frustrated respecter of LeBron James. Influencer of bad ideas. In addition to Worthly/Housely, I'm a regular contributor to Bleacher Report, Scout, Esquire and Maxim, and run or bike way too much for my own good when not writing. The day a Cleveland sports team wins a title is the day I can officially say my life is complete.