15 Foods and Drinks That Elvis Presley Loved

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Before his death, Elvis Presley weighed about 350 pounds. For the Rock and Roll legend, food and drinks were a source of immense pleasure and comfort. This passion for indulging led to severe eating problems. Despite his wealth and status, his diet centered around rich, fatty comfort foods that contributed to his declining health and, ultimately, his premature death.

Grilled Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

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Elvis’s love for the grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich is legendary. Known simply as The Elvis, this sandwich consists of creamy peanut butter and ripe bananas slathered between two slices of bread, often toasted in butter. The origins of this treat are rooted in Elvis’s childhood in Tupelo, Mississippi, where his mother would make it for him.

The Elvis Ice Cream Sandwich


This treat combines vanilla ice cream with peanut butter, bananas, and occasionally bacon, sandwiched between two cookies. Its creation is often attributed to creative chefs seeking to honor Elvis’s unique tastes. Like many of Elvis’s favorite foods, it’s far from healthy. This combo makes for a calorie-dense and fat-laden treat, perfect for indulgence but not for the waistline.

Bacon-Topped Meatloaf


Bacon was one of Evlis’s favorite ingredients, and his love for savory dishes is perfectly captured by bacon-topped meatloaf. This dish combines ground beef, breadcrumbs, and spices, all shaped into a loaf and topped with a generous layer of bacon before being baked to perfection. Meatloaf provides protein, but the bacon adds significant fat and calories.


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Known to ignore doctors’ orders, Elvis usually had one Pepsi with every meal. In the 1970s, a bottle of Pepsi cost about 5 cents, making it an inexpensive and accessible beverage. While a refreshing soda now and then isn’t inherently unhealthy, Elvis’s reported consumption of it in large quantities adds to the narrative of his overall unhealthy eating habits.

Fool’s Gold Loaf

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The Fool’s Gold Loaf is the most extravagant of Elvis’s culinary indulgences. This massive sandwich includes a loaf of bread filled with a jar of peanut butter, jelly, and a pound of bacon. It originated from the Colorado Mine Company restaurant in Denver, and Elvis famously flew there on his private jet just to satisfy his craving for it.

BBQ Pizza


Elvis’s affinity for BBQ pizza highlights his love for combining flavors. This pizza, topped with barbecue sauce, cheese, and various meats, became one of his favorite meals, especially during his Las Vegas years. BBQ pizza, with its mix of sauces and meats, leans towards the unhealthy side, packed with fats and sugars, embodying the indulgent nature of Elvis’s diet.



Cheeseburgers were a staple in Elvis’s diet. Whether from a diner like Krystal burgers or prepared in his Graceland kitchen, Elvis regularly enjoyed this American classic. Stories tell of him enjoying simple cheeseburgers prepared by his cooks, who understood his preference for heavy meals.



The King of Rock and Roll mornings often started with a strong coffee. With his irregular sleep patterns, coffee was a staple that helped him stay energized throughout his busy days. Coffee can be healthy, especially when consumed in moderation. Still, Elvis’s reliance on it to stay awake during late-night sessions and performances contributed to his erratic lifestyle.

Meatballs Wrapped in Bacon


Meatballs wrapped in bacon were another favorite of Elvis’s, proving his love for hearty, savory foods. These appetizers are made by wrapping seasoned meatballs in strips of bacon and then baking or grilling them until crispy. This dish was often served at Graceland parties and family gatherings, combining the high-fat content of bacon and meatballs.

Bologna BBQ Surprise

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Elvis’s love for simple, Southern comfort foods is clear in the Bologna BBQ Surprise. This dish involves thick slices of bologna grilled and slathered with barbecue sauce, then served on a bun. It’s a straightforward, hearty meal that reflects Elvis’s down-home culinary preferences. Despite its simplicity and low cost, this dish is not a health-conscious choice.

Pig Feet


Many consider pig feet unusual, but they usually made it to Evlis’s dinner table. Pig feet were inexpensive in the 1970s and common in Southern households. They are a source of collagen and can be nutritious when prepared properly. Elvis enjoyed them, often cooked with rich sauces or deep-fried.



Cornbread was a beloved side dish for Elvis, who enjoyed it with many of his meals. It’s a Southern classic, made from cornmeal, baked to perfection, and served warm. Cornbread was a staple in the Presley household as a symbol of the simple, comforting flavors of the South. The cornmeal provides fiber and essential nutrients, but not with the rich dishes he enjoyed.

Biscuit-Filled Lumberjack Breakfast

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The Biscuit-Filled Lumberjack Breakfast was one of Elvis’s favorite ways to start the day. This breakfast typically included fluffy buttermilk biscuits smothered in sausage gravy, accompanied by eggs, bacon, and sometimes hash browns. This meal was designed to provide ample energy, much like a lumberjack’s breakfast.

Banana Pudding


To satisfy his sweet tooth, Evlis loved this classic treat, which consists of layers of vanilla pudding, sliced bananas, and vanilla wafers, often topped with whipped cream or meringue. It was a staple at family gatherings and Graceland dinners.

Chicken-Fried Steak and Gravy


Chicken-fried steak and gravy was another Southern classic that Elvis adored. This dish involves tenderized beef steak that is breaded and fried like chicken, then smothered in creamy gravy. It was a frequent meal at Graceland, providing the comforting flavors Elvis craved. The breading, frying, and gravy make it a calorie-dense, cholesterol-rich meal.

Written by Lucas M