15 Greatest Boston Celtics Who Shaped Basketball History

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The Celtics have had a roster of basketball legends who have dazzled fans and rewritten the record books. These players’ contributions exceeded mere statistics and made a lasting impression on the league and its fans. As we celebrate this historic team’s rich tradition and enduring impact, let’s look at the top 15 greatest Boston Celtics of all time.

Bill Russell

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Bill Russell towers as not just one of the Celtics’ greatest but one of the NBA’s most prominent figures. With 11 championship rings, Russell’s defense and leadership sculpted an era of Celtic supremacy.

Larry Bird

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A three-time NBA champion and two-time Finals MVP, Larry Bird’s rivalry with Magic Johnson transcended mere sport, defining an era of basketball. Indeed, his unmistakable swagger and clutch execution were the key factors that helped him become one of Celtics’ finest and forever glorify him in the annals of NBA history.

Paul Pierce

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Known affectionately as The Truth, Paul Pierce’s tenure with the Celtics proves his persistence and loyalty. The 10-time All-Star and 2008 Finals MVP’s scoring skills and fearless demeanor propelled Boston back into the spotlight. From his epic playoff duel with LeBron James to other unforgettable moments, Pierce has quickly solidified his status as a fan favorite.

Bob Cousy


Bob Cousy, the quintessential point guard of his day, wowed fans with his unique ball-handling abilities and court vision. The 1950s and 1960s witnessed his brilliance: masterful playmaking that paved the way for Celtics’ dominance and a captivating style that left its mark beyond the court.

John Havlicek


For nearly 16 seasons, John Havlicek’s tireless work ethic earned Celtics fans unwavering respect for a player who embodied their pride. A model of consistency and adaptability, ‘Hondo’ racked up eight NBA championships and an MVP title in 1974.

Kevin Garnett

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The Big Ticket, Kevin Garnett, brought ferocious intensity to the Celtics. A 15-time All-Star and league MVP in 2004, Garnett’s defensive expertise and unyielding passion set the tone for Boston’s championship run.

Bill Sharman


Celtics’ success in the 1950s was led by Bill Sharman’s silky-smooth jump shot and focused playmaking landed him four NBA championships and eight All-Star selections. Alongside Bob Cousy, Sharman forged one of basketball’s most dominant backcourts. This legendary partnership cemented the bedrock for Boston’s dynasty.”

Tom Heinsohn


If there’s anyone who’s a fierce competitor and embodiment of Celtic pride, it’s Tom Heinsohn. As a player, the power forward captured eight NBA championships and received six All-Star nods, showcasing his tenacious rebounding. Additionally, Heinsohn guided the Celtics to two more titles after he seamlessly transitioned into coaching.

Sam Jones


Among the architects of the Celtics’ 1960s dynasty was Sam Jones, who was always revered for his flawless jump shot. Boston’s 10 victories were largely due to his devastating clutch efforts, which left a lasting impression on opponents

Dave Cowens

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A steadfast force in the paint, Dave Cowens took on the blue-collar standards of Celtic basketball during the 1970s. As a two-time NBA champion and league MVP in 1973, Cowens’ relentless hustle and all-around brilliance made him a fan favorite in Boston. The clashes between him and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar transcended mere games, symbolically representing the Celtics’ fighting spirit.

Robert Parish


During the 1980s, the Boston Celtics were a dominant force, primarily due to exceptional players like Robert Parish. He was able to control the court which made him an indispensable part of the Celtics, particularly when he teamed up with Larry Bird and Kevin McHale.

Kevin McHale

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Thanks to his skills, opposing teams considered McHale a nightmare on the court throughout the 1980s. Even today, McHale is honored for his vital contribution to the team’s wins and for personifying the team’s spirit and ideals.

Jo Jo White


Consummate professional Jo Jo White’s contributions to the Celtics during the 1970s were invaluable. White was a two-time NBA champion and Finals MVP in 1976. His poise under pressure and scoring skills made him a linchpin of Boston’s success.

Dennis Johnson

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This player was a defensive mainstay and astute playmaker essential to Boston’s 1980s championship campaigns. As the 1979 NBA Finals MVP and two-time NBA champion, Johnson was well-liked throughout the organization for his perfect shooting and resilience.

Reggie Lewis

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Despite untimely passing in 1993, Reggie Lewis will always be remembered as a one-time All-Star and team captain. More than just a basketball star, his influence transcended the court. The Reggie Lewis Center was established as a testament to his lasting legacy in the sport he loved the most.

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