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  • Facts about credit cards

    10 Mind Boggling Credit Card Facts

    Ah credit cards, those little pieces of plastic that allows us to purchase things that we don’t really have the money for. The history of credit cards can be traced back to the 1920’s when Western Union began to provide frequent customers with charge cards. Today, the vast majority of adults own or use one, […] More

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    The Top 5 Luxury Hotels in Tahiti

    Completely synonymous with abundant luxury, Tahiti is one of those tropical locations you cannot help but fall in love with every time you see a photo. It’s gorgeous, sophisticated and plain lovely. It’s a top bucket-list destination for many of us, and it isn’t exactly a mystery why so many people are in love with […] More

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    The Top 5 European Beach Hotels

    Europe is so much more than just beautiful architecture and history. Of course, that’s part of what we love about the many amazing cities located in Europe, but it’s just part of its charm. The beautiful architecture speaks to centuries of creative minds. The cobblestone streets speak to a much simpler lifestyle. The food is […] More

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    The Most Expensive Custom Cufflinks in the World

    Some men regard cufflinks as useless or even absurd. They are generally small and hardly seen. So why spend good money on them? Because for others cufflinks are the ultimate men’s fashion accessory. They show sophistication, style, and at a higher price range, success and status. Cufflinks first became important in the 14th century when […] More

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    The 10 Most Expensive European Hotels

    Most people who are looking to travel do everything possible to save on airfare, their hotel, and even the meals that they eat while they are on vacation. There are some people, however, who don’t worry about money. To these people, money is no object and they have no problem making a reservation in the […] More

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    10 Most Expensive Baseball Bats Ever Sold at Auction

    Major League Baseball is the American sport. While there are different items from different games that have sold at auction for millions and millions of dollars, it’s not typically bats you see all that often. For one, they don’t always hold up well. It’s easy to break them. Secondly, it’s the balls and jerseys from […] More

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    20 Things You Didn’t Know about Klay Thompson

    Klay Thompson is a professional basketball player who has become one of the best shooting guards in the NBA. Klay comes from an extremely athletic family playing sports throughout his childhood. He went on to star on the Washington State University basketball team for several seasons before moving on to the NBA. His father is […] More

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    The 5 Best Knob Creek Bourbons You Can Buy

    When I think of bourbon, I immediately think of Knob Creek – and warm feelings. I tend to think of things like a white Christmas when I can curl up by the fireplace and sip a glass of warm, fragrant bourbon while the kids sleep soundly in their beds and my husband and I enjoy […] More

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    Eddie Murphy Net Worth

    Eddie Murphy is a comedian, actor, writer, singer, director and musician with an estimated net worth of $85 million. Murphy’s duel threat as a comedian and successful film actor is largely responsible for building his net worth over a career of close to thirty years. Edward Regan Murphy was born in Brooklyn, New York on […] More

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    15 Most Expensive Golf Courses In The World

    Golf courses all over the world are famed for many reasons. Some have the most difficult holes, others have beautiful views, and some have famous names. The truth is that no two golf courses are the same, and no two golfers will feel the same way about a particular course. What is certain about golf […] More

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