15 Sonic Games You Have To Play


Few characters are as beloved as Sonic the Hedgehog. Since Sega’s 1991 debut in response to Nintendo’s Mario, he has been an icon of speed and excitement. Here are the best 15 games that follow the ventures of the blue human-like hedgehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog – 1991


This is the game that started it all, introducing players to Sonic’s lightning-fast gameplay and vibrant world. Participants control Sonic as he races through six zones, each with three acts, collecting rings and freeing animals trapped in capsules.

Sonic Adventure – 1998


This game marked a significant milestone for the series with the transition to 3D graphics. Explore expansive environments with all the characters powered by their special traits. From thrilling high-speed chases to epic boss battles, it offers an authentic experience unlike anything seen before in the series.

Sonic Lost World – 2013


Follow Sonic on a new quest as he explores a mysterious world filled with colorful environments and unique enemies. Use new gameplay mechanics such as parkour moves and the ability to control Sonic’s speed more precisely and experiment with the game’s diverse upgrades to gain an advantage in challenging situations.

Sonic Generations – 2011


Celebrating Sonic’s 20th anniversary, this game combines traditional 2D gameplay with modern 3D in a nostalgia-filled journey. Contestants can switch between old-school and contemporary versions of Sonic as they race in vintage and modern playstyles through reimagined versions of iconic stages from past episodes.

Sonic Forces – 2017


Join forces with Sonic and his friends to liberate the world from Dr. Eggman and his evil army. With 3D platforming and high-speed action, this game offers a variety of gameplay styles, including classic levels, modern Sonic stages, and the introduction of customizable “Avatar” characters with unique abilities.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – 1992


Building upon the foundation of its predecessor, “Sonic the Hedgehog 2” introduces you to Sonic’s trusty sidekick, Tails. It’s the first time you’ll try the iconic “spin dash” move, new stages, enemies, and additional extras, including the fan-favorite Super Sonic transformation.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice – 2016


Continuing the Sonic Boom spin-off, “Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice” brings Sonic and his friends on a new adventure to stop the nefarious Dr. Eggman from unleashing a destructive new weapon. Utilize each character’s unique powers to solve puzzles and collect upgrades to enhance your performance in combat and exploration.

Sonic Rush – 2005


Exclusively for the Nintendo DS, Sonic Rush introduces video game lovers to dual-screen gameplay. Sonic’s adventure spans both screens as he races with Blaze the Cat across vibrant levels at breakneck speeds.

Sonic Dash – 2013


This an endless runner game where Sonic dashes in obstacle-filled environments. With simple swipe controls, you must jump, slide, and dash to victory while collecting rings and power-ups. Tip: Master your timing to avoid obstacles and maintain your speed for as long as possible.

Sonic and the Black Knight – 2009


In a departure from the series’ traditional roots, Sonic and the Black Knight takes our protagonist into the world of Arthurian legend, where he wields a sword and battles foes in fast-paced combat. Players slash, parry, and unleash powerful attacks as they guide Sonic through epic medieval-inspired play.

Sonic Mania – 2017

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Sonic Mania delivers a retro-inspired game to delight longtime fans and newcomers alike. Featuring beautifully crafted stages, pixel-perfect controls, and a stellar soundtrack, this game feels like a true return to form, with its mix of familiar and inventive new stages.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 – 2010

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Returning to Sonic’s 2D roots, this version recaptures the magic of the original trilogy. Players guide Sonic in multiple side-scrolling levels, each filled with enemies, traps, and environmental hazards. With updated graphics and gameplay mechanics, this episodic journey blends classic Sonic gameplay with modern sensibilities.

Sonic Spinball – 1993


In this game, Sonic takes a break from his usual platforming journeys to tackle pinball-inspired stages. Players must guide Sonic in each level, hitting bumpers, collecting rings, and battling enemies as they aim to reach the goal at the end.

Sonic Superstars – 2020

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Characters from across the Sonic universe come together for a thrilling multiplayer party game experience. Gamers compete in various mini-games and challenges, ranging from racing and platforming to puzzle-solving and more. Communicate with your friends to outsmart your opponents and win each mini-game.

Sonic Colours – 2010


Sonic takes players on a vibrant quest across several imaginative worlds. They can also collect Wisps power-ups, which grant Sonic special abilities to help him navigate each level.

Written by Bruno P