10 Secret Islands in Greece You Need to Visit

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Greece’s undiscovered gems are hidden in the serene waters of the Aegean and Ionian Seas. These islands offer quiet beaches, deep histories, and unspoiled natural wonders. While Santorini and Mykonos often steal the spotlight, these ten secret islands provide a more peaceful, more authentic Greek experience.


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Nestled in the Cyclades archipelago, Folegandros is celebrated for its rugged cliffs, pristine azure seas, and charming villages adorned in classic whitewash. The main town of Chora, perched atop a hill, has breathtaking views and secluded beaches like Agali and Livadaki.



Milos is a volcanic island renowned for its striking landscapes and unique geological formations. Visitors can marvel at the lunar-like Sarakiniko Beach, soak in the natural hot springs of Paliochori, and explore ancient ruins such as the catacombs and the theater of Milos. 


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Also known as Lefkada, Lefkas boasts some of the most stunning beaches in Greece, including Porto Katsiki and Egremni, with their turquoise waters and dramatic cliffs. The Ionian island provides a haven for those passionate about water sports like windsurfing and sailing. 



Symi is a picturesque island near Rhodes, famous for its colorful neoclassical architecture and tranquil atmosphere. On the narrow streets of Symi Town, you’ll find pastel-colored houses and blooming bougainvillea.



Ithaca is home to archaeological sites of ancient settlements and the Cave of Nymphs, believed to be linked to Homer’s tales. Visitors can hike through lush greenery and swim in secluded bays like Gidaki and Filiatro.



To the utmost joy of hiking enthusiasts, Andros offers dramatic mountains with hidden waterfalls like Pythara and Pithara. It also offers a contrast to your adventure with cultural immersion opportunities in Chora’s impressive museums and art galleries.



You can explore Greece’s first marine park in Alonnisos! Dive into underwater caves and reefs, then relax on pristine beaches like Leftos Gialos and Chrisi Milia.



Steeped in aristocratic history, Spetses charms culture lovers. Explore by horse-drawn carriage or bike, admire the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, and then unwind on stunning beaches like Agia Paraskevi and Zogeria.



The medieval castle of Leros overlooks the capital of Agia Marina and the War Museum in Lakki, highlighting the island’s strategic importance during World War II. It also has charming villages and quiet beaches like Blefoutis and Xirokampos.


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Beyond the dazzling blue waters, Kastellorizo boasts a rich history and a peaceful vibe. Friendly locals and hidden beaches like Mandraki and Agios Georgios make this Dodecanese gem a true secret paradise.

Written by Johann H