Find Your Next Destination by Your Favorite Cocktail


Dreaming of a getaway but can’t decide where to go? How about letting your taste buds help you decide? This guide matches your favorite cocktail with the perfect travel destination. So grab your passport, pack your bags, and let’s go because the world is waiting to be explored—one cocktail at a time.

Margarita: Tulum, Mexico


Escape to Tulum, where sun-soaked beaches meet ancient ruins and crystal-clear cenotes. This Mexican hotspot is excellent for those who adore margaritas. Think ancient ruins, crystal-clear cenotes, and beachside bars that serve the best tacos. It’s where tequila dreams meet turquoise waters. Viva la vacay!

Old Fashioned: Louisville, Kentucky

Sean Pavone/Getty

Welcome to Louisville, a city steeped in rich bourbon history and Southern hospitality. Here, distilleries dot the landscape, inviting visitors to explore the Kentucky Bourbon Trail and uncover the secrets of America’s native spirit. Beyond bourbon, Louisville offers a vibrant culinary scene, cultural attractions, and warm welcomes at every turn.

Piña Colada:  San Juan, Puerto Rico


It’s time to book your ticket for San Juan. Sip your way through this vibrant city’s mix of colonial charm and tropical vibes. With historic forts and bustling nightlife, it’s an island escape with a twist. You’ll find the original Piña Colada here, and it’s heaven in a glass.

Negroni: Florence, Italy


Florence, Italy, coaxs Negroni aficionados with its siren song. In the birthplace of this iconic aperitif, you can indulge in its charm amidst Renaissance art-filled piazzas. The blend of gin, vermouth, and Campari here mirrors the city’s rich, complex history. Saluti to Italian elegance amidst the clink of glasses!

Mojito: Havana, Cuba


Experience something different in the city, where vintage cars, colonial architecture, and lively salsa music create an intoxicating fusion of past and present. Walk the same streets Hemingway did, with a minty fresh Mojito in hand. The rhythm of the city will have you dancing in no time.

Manhattan: New York City, USA


Visit the city that never sleeps, New York, and match the boldness of your favorite cocktail. From Broadway’s dazzling lights to Times Square’s bustling streets, excitement is a constant. To make your experience memorable, enjoy a Manhattan atop a rooftop bar and compliment the majestic skyline.

Caipirinha: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Call it destiny, but your love for caipirinhas points you straight to Rio de Janeiro. The vibrant city is a carnival of colors, sounds, and flavors. Relish your lime-infused cocktail on the beaches of Copacabana or Ipanema. Rio’s energy is as intoxicating as its national drink. So ditch the muddler, grab your swimsuit, and say “Saúde” to your next adventure in Rio!

Gin and Tonic: London, England


What better way to experience your drink than in a city with distilleries and chic bars, London? Imagine exploring centuries-old pubs, their shelves overflowing with an array of gins, before hopping on the London Eye for a panoramic view of the city, your G&T the perfect accompaniment. It’s a tonic for the soul, served with a twist of British charm.

Mai Tai: Honolulu, Hawaii


Featuring stunning beaches and volcanic landscapes, Honolulu is an immaculate island getaway for Mai Tai fans. Enjoy a Mai Tai at a luau while watching a traditional hula dance. The tropical flavors and Hawaiian hospitality will transport you to paradise.

Bloody Mary: New Orleans, Louisiana

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The soulful melodies, diverse yet electrifying music scene, and eclectic cuisine create the best setting for this brunch indulgence. Savor a spicy Bloody Mary amidst the lively atmosphere of Bourbon Street, where each sip serves as both a remedy for the night before and a catalyst for the festivities ahead. 

Sangria: Barcelona, Spain

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Overflowing with charming tapas, bars, and stunning architecture, Spain is the perfect place to raise a glass (or two) of sangria with friends. Wander down the bustling Las Ramblas, soak up the vibrant energy, and toast to endless Spanish nights.

Whiskey Sour: Nashville, Tennessee


Nashville isn’t just about hot chicken and honky-tonks. For whiskey sour enthusiasts, it’s a city where the tangy citrus notes of their favorite drink completely complement the twangy melodies of country music. Almost every bar in this city feels like a miniature Grand Ole Opry.

Cosmopolitan: Miami, Florida

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Forget the stilettos; pack your dancing shoes! Miami is the ideal destination for Cosmopolitan connoisseurs, with a scene that is as vibrant and stylish as their favorite drink. Its glamorous nightlife, art deco architecture, and sandy beaches make it the ultimate party destination. 

Pisco Sour: Lima, Peru

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It’s time to ditch the egg whites briefly and book a flight to Lima, Peru! Not only is the Peruvian capital rich in history, but it also has delicious culinary delights. Appreciate your tangy cocktail with a view of the Pacific Ocean. Lima’s dynamic food scene and vibrant culture will leave you wanting more.

Aperol Spritz: Venice, Italy


Channel your inner Casanova with an Aperol Spritz in hand. Glide through the canals with a glass of this refreshing aperitif. The city’s enchanting charm and historic piazzas are best enjoyed with an Aperol Spritz. After all, in Venice, the best adventures are found not on a map but in the perfect Aperol Spritz.

Written by grayson