5 Tricks to Score a Better Spot on Your Flight

Bongkarn Thanyakij/Getty

Traveling can be an adventure, but being stuck in the middle seat can make the journey less pleasant. You don’t have to worry anymore. There are strategic ways to improve your seating situation. Here are five expert tips to help you transfer to a better seat on your next flight.

Check-In Early


Securing the perfect seat starts well before you board the plane. Typically, online check-in begins 24 to 48 hours before departure. Log in as soon as possible to view open seats and make changes. Early check-in gives you a wider selection, allowing you to switch to an aisle or window seat if available.

Use the Airline’s App


Most airlines have apps that allow you to manage your booking and often provide real-time updates on seat availability. Keep checking the app if you find yourself assigned to a middle seat. Seats frequently open up as travelers change their plans or upgrade. Take advantage of this tool to nab an ideal spot before reaching the airport.

Ask at the Gate


Sometimes, the best opportunities arise just a few moments upon boarding. Approach the gate agent and inquire about the possibility of switching seats. Gate agents can access the most current seat map and accommodate last-minute changes. Smiling and maintaining a friendly demeanor can significantly increase the comfort level of your seat.

Negotiate with Fellow Passengers


Once you’re on board, consider politely negotiating with other passengers. If you see an empty aisle or window seat, ask the flight attendant if it’s available or if someone nearby is willing to swap. Highlight their benefits, such as sitting closer to their travel companions or gaining a more convenient seat.

Upgrade Your Seat

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If you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks, upgrading your seat might be the best option. During check-in or at the gate, inquire about possible upgrades to premium economy, business, or even first class. In some instances, airlines offer discounted rates at the last minute, which can turn a cramped middle seat into a luxurious experience.

Written by Devin J