15 Wacky Wonders To Behold In Florida


Florida boasts world-famous theme parks and dazzling beaches, but the Sunshine State has a wilder side waiting to be explored. Imagine a 35-foot gator guarding your selfie dreams, a museum dedicated to the humble banana (yes, you read that right!), or even a chance to witness a mermaid ballet underwater (because why not?). Intrigued? Ditch the guidebooks and prepare for a hilarious, bizarre, and undeniably Floridian adventure through 15 of the state’s freakiest attractions.

Coral Castle (Miami)


Edward Leedskalnin, a mystery man, single-handedly built this elaborate coral castle over 28 years. It has giant chairs, a sundial, and even a working well—all made of coral! How’d he do it? That’s part of the castle’s charm (and maybe a sprinkle of speculation).

The World’s Largest Gator (Christmas)


Stretch the truth? Maybe a bit. But this roadside gator is undeniably impressive, clocking in at a whopping 35 feet long! Stop for a gator-sized selfie and a kitschy souvenir or two.

Seven Seas Marina (Key Largo)


Everglades meets Hollywood? This quirky marina boasts a collection of movie memorabilia, ranging from “Pirates of the Caribbean” to “Miami Vice.” Pose with a gigantic marlin skeleton or explore a shipwreck replica, but just keep an eye out for Captain Jack Sparrow!

Rocket Ranch (Christmas)

Cory Huston/Wikimedia

Blast off to a retro-futuristic adventure! This roadside attraction features a collection of vintage rockets, space oddities, and a giant astronaut who looks like he just stepped out of the 1960s. It’s perfect for space cadets of all ages.

Weeki Wachee Springs (Weeki Wachee)

Leonard J. DeFrancisci/Wikipedia

Witness a mermaid ballet underwater! This iconic underwater theater showcases synchronized swimmers performing graceful routines amidst colorful fish and natural springs. It is a true Florida classic.

Robert the Doll (Key West)


Looking for a dose of the spooky (and slightly unsettling)? Look no further than Robert the Doll. This seemingly ordinary doll is rumored to be haunted, blamed for a series of misfortunes that befell its past owners. Visitors can leave trinkets for Robert (supposedly to appease him) and snap a picture with this creepy little character.

Salvador Dali Museum (St. Petersburg)


As you step inside, you’ll be transported to a world of wonder and imagination, where the surreal artworks of Salvador Dali take center stage. Admire the intricate details of his melting clocks, which defy the laws of physics, and get lost in the dreamlike landscapes that blur the line between reality and fantasy. 

World’s Smallest Police Station (Ochopee)

Michael Rivera/Wikimedia

This isn’t your average cop stop. Clocking in at a mere 6 feet by 8 feet, the Ochopee Police Station holds the title of the smallest station. Built in 1925, it was originally a tomato stand, but with the arrival of a new bridge and increased traffic, it was converted into a police station. Though no longer functioning, it’s a quirky piece of history and a fun photo op for anyone who appreciates miniature marvels.

The Funky Fishbowl (Islamorada)

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty

Calling all aquatic enthusiasts with a taste for the kitschy! The Funky Fishbowl isn’t your average aquarium. Sure, you’ll find fascinating marine life, from colorful tropical fish to spiny lobsters. But the real stars are the quirky, hand-painted murals adorning the tanks, depicting mermaids riding seahorses, sharks playing poker, and fish lounging in beach chairs. It’s an explosion of underwater whimsy, perfect for anyone who enjoys the unexpected.

Skunk Ape Research Headquarters (Ochopee)

Mario Elias Munoz Valencia/Getty

Ever heard of the elusive Skunk Ape, a rumored swamp-dwelling cryptid said to be a relative of Bigfoot? Well, Ochopee takes this legend seriously! The Skunk Ape Research Headquarters is a haven for enthusiasts, showcasing supposed evidence of the creature’s existence, from footprint casts to blurry photographs. 

The Shell Factory & Nature Museum (Captiva Island)


Seashells galore! This museum boasts an impressive collection of shells from around the world, from delicate nautilus shells to gigantic clam specimens. But it’s not just shells – it also houses a collection of nautical artifacts, marine life displays, and even a shark tooth maze. 

Giant Lobster Trap (Islamorada)

John Smith/Wikipedia

When it comes to fresh seafood, Florida is the place to be! And what better way to celebrate this than by posing next to a giant lobster trap? This unique landmark offers a fun photo opportunity while reminding visitors of the state’s incredible seafood offerings. 

Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park (St. Augustine)


This historical site isn’t exactly weird, but it taps into Florida’s fascination with the fantastical. Juan Ponce de León’s legendary search for the Fountain of Youth may have been a myth, but this park offers a glimpse into the area’s rich history and Native American cultures. Explore archaeological digs, wander through recreated Timucuan village life, and maybe discover your own “fountain of youth” with a dose of history and fresh Florida air!

International Banana Museum (Miami)


Forget everything you thought you knew about the humble fruit. This quirky museum dives deep (pun intended) into the world’s favorite yellow fruit, showcasing banana art, historical artifacts, and even banana-themed clothing (because why not?). It’s a truly bananas experience for fruit fanatics and anyone who appreciates a good dose of the unexpected.

Venice of America (Nokomis)


Calling all gondola enthusiasts (or those who just like a good canal tour)! Venice of America offers a taste of Italy without leaving Florida. Take a relaxing boat ride through colorful canals lined with pastel-colored houses, grab a bite at a waterfront restaurant, and pretend you’re exploring the real Venice for a day (minus the crowds and pigeons!). It’s a charmingly kitschy way to unwind and soak up the Florida sunshine.

Written by Lucas M