The 10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World

Photo by China Photos/Getty Images

Certain breeds of dogs are status symbols in society, which often makes the price of these dogs very expensive.  However there are other factors that can make a dog expensive as well.  For example, the rarity of the breed especially purebreds, can inflate the price. In addition, the price of a dog can go through the roof if it is the offspring of a champion dog, or won prizes.  The following list of dogs is found to be some of the most expensive dogs in the world.

1) The Red Tibetan Mastiff was one of the most expensive dogs in the world.  Not too long ago, a 2 month old Mastiff puppy by the name of Big Splash (Hong Dong in Chinese) was sold for a whopping $1.5 million dollars.  The dog was considered to be a perfect specimen of the breed.  These dogs are fairly rare, and seldom seen outside of their native Tibet.  They grow to be quite large and some people say they resemble a bear or a lion when they reach adulthood.  They can often weigh nearly 300 lbs or more.  They have dense, long fur and are very adaptable to cold climates.

2) The Lowchen – Which means, “Little Lion Dog.” The Lowchen is considered to be one of the rarest dog breeds in the world. According to the dog registration offices, the new registrations applied for this dog are only in the hundreds every year, unlike other popular breeds. The cost for this dog is $7000 or more.

3) The Canadian Eskimo Dog – This dog is considered one of the oldest purebred domestic breeds of dog in Canada.   Its body is highly muscular and they are very athletic powerful dogs.  They are used in Northern Canada to pull sleds in subzero temperatures and are very hardy animals.  They often have a rather imposing appearance, but are quite friendly. They can cost around $6000 or more.

4) A Pharaoh Hound is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world to have been domesticated.  The breed is said to have been traced to Ancient Egypt as far back as 4000-5000 BC.  It was thought that the Phoenicians were the ones who brought the dogs with them to Gozo and Malta, in the Mediterranean area.  It was not until 1974, that the Pharaoh Hound breed was recognized as the national dog of Malta. There it is called Kelb Tal-Fenek. The Pharaoh Hound is well known for its excellent sight and ability to scent.  It can be a good house dog as long as it get plenty of exercise outdoors.  The dogs are protective of their family against strangers.  One interesting fact is that the dog blushes when excited, its ears and nose turn a deep rose color.  The price for this dog is $3500 – $6500.

5) The Chow Chow originates in northern China and is well known for its thick dense fur and black tongue.  Research has shown that they are one of the first breeds to evolve directly from the wolf.   It is believed that they are one of the oldest living breeds and followed the Mongols when they invaded China around 150 BC.  They are generally even tempered and make a god family dog, but they need a firm hand when they are young puppies, or they tend to take over the house.  They cost about $3500-8600.

6) The Samoyed, is a dog that originally came from Siberia.  They have white, fluffy, dense fur, that protects them from the cold climate.  They are usually better suited to outside, but they can be a house dog if they get plenty of grooming and exercise. They are a very friendly dog and a devoted companion to their family.  They are so friendly they do not make very good guard dogs. $3000–$6000

7) The Akita comes originally from Japan.  They get along well with a family, but generally attach themselves to a particular person.  They need firm handling, or they tend to rule the home. With proper exercise and training they are an excellent dog. Cost is about $3000-$6000.

8)The Saluki is a dog that is known for its gentle yet aloof nature.  They originate in what was once called Persia and Iran.  They are also called the Arabian Greyhound. There are petroglyphs that show the Saluki as a hunting dog chasing prey as far back as 8000-10,000 BCE.   They are good with families but must be treated gently, they do not like rough housing.  They cost approx. $2500-$4000.

9)  English Bulldog is a very popular dog in America today. This dog is medium sized, but with a very stocky, wide muscular frame and short legs.  The entire body is covered with loose skin that lays in folds across the forehead and skull.  They have a intimidating reputation, but are actually quite gentle if trained properly.  Because of the size of their head, the puppies are always born cesarean, they cannot pass through the birth canal normally. For this reason, their price can run from $3500-6000.

10) The Chinese Crested come in two varieties, the Hairless and the PowderPuff.  The Hairless has soft skin all over its body with tufts of fur on its head and paws, with a long flowing tail.  This breed actually originated in Africa, not China.  They are fairly small (6-10 lbs) and quite lively, friendly little dogs.  They cost roughly about $2000-$5000.

Written by ashwin