5 Best Waterfront Restaurants to Dine With a Breathtaking View in Los Angeles


Waterfront dining is the best dining. It’s beautiful, it’s serene and it adds a touch of glamour and importance to any meal. When it comes to waterfront dining with an incredible view in Los Angeles, we all know that the best views come a little further away. There’s the Montage Hotel in Laguna Beach further down the PCH with the most spectacular view of the beach. There’s Geoffrey’s in Malibu with the most phenomenal outdoor seating directly over the ocean; but LA should not be left out of the mix. There are some amazing waterfront restaurants in and around the city that make it onto our list of magnificent, you need only know where to find them.

the strand house

The Strand House

If you are willing to take a little drive to Manhattan Beach, you will not be disappointed. With floor to ceiling windows that provide an uninterrupted view of the ocean, a beautiful outdoor seating area and a menu that is quite impressive, this gorgeous restaurant is everything. The menu is seasonal to ensure all you are eating is as fresh as possible, and that is something people in this area prefer more than just about anything else. It’s spectacular from start to finish.



Located in Santa Monica, you cannot ignore the beauty of this restaurant’s view. It’s inside the Hotel Casa Del Mar, and it’s breathtaking. It helps that the bar is top notch and the menu is perfection, too. You’ll find all that you want and more here, and there is no arguing that fact when you check out the menu and the amazing view of the Pacific.

mastros ocean club

Mastro’s Ocean Club

It’s a restaurant you can find in many locations, but few have a view like this one. Situated on top of the beach so that it appears the waves are crashing directly into the side of the building, the food is amazing and the view is even more so. People spend as much time here as possible, and it is always on the list of most-recommended locations for those who are looking for a spectacular view of the ocean to go with their next meal.

back on the beach cafe

Back on the Beach Café

Located actually on the beach; as in, you sit on the sand, this is a very interesting restaurant in Santa Monica. It’s literally right on the beach. You sit in the sand, but that makes this the restaurant with the most spectacular view imaginable if you want to sit by the water. You can walk from your table through the sand and put your toes in the water until your food arrives.

the lobster

The Lobster

Another Santa Monica favorite, this restaurant is the epitome of perfect if you’re looking for a cocktail at the time the sun sets. Sweeping views of the water and the beach make it as romantic as you might imagine, but also as beautiful as you might imagine. The food is not bad, either. You’ll find fare here that meets all your needs.

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Written by Tiffany Raiford

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