The 10 Most Stunning W Hotels in the United States

W Hotels

The W Hotel family knows how to do it right. The design team behind this family of hotels and resorts likes to push the envelope in terms of décor and ambiance, and they always seem to make it happen in the just the right places and in just the right manner. The moment I walk into a W Hotel anywhere in the country, I immediately feel younger, hipper and far cooler. I feel like I can stay up later, drink more wine and actually enjoy a dirty martini even though I really cannot stand them in my own life – they just work so well in a W Hotel. These are only a handful of the gorgeous W properties in the US, but they’re some of the most stunning in terms of décor, and I really do believe they should go on your list of ‘must-stay locations’ when you travel.

w fort lauderdale

W Fort Lauderdale

The good news for us is that we can either drive to Fort Lauderdale in four hours or we can hop a quick flight from Tampa and be there in under an hour, and we love the W Fort Lauderdale. There’s something about driving up to this hotel – top down, of course – and seeing the insanely modern architecture that tells you from the start that the hotel is a special place. Every room is equipped with a stunning view of the ocean, and there is nothing more amazing that starting the morning off with a cup of Starbucks in your room overlooking the beach (or finishing with the same gorgeous view from one of the top-notch oceanfront restaurants with a glass of vino).

w south beach

W South Beach

If we take the kids with us to south Florida, we stay in Fort Lauderdale. If we go alone, we go to the W in South Beach. It’s too adult-friendly to make us comfortable with the kids, but the resort is nothing short of breathtaking. There is something about the way the balconies are positioned and built on each floor that makes the entire building look retro-chic. When you’re here, you have set the alarm for early morning to be sure you don’t miss the most jaw-dropping sunrise imaginable. It’s as if the staff at the W personally creates it for you each morning.

w new orleans

W New Orleans

Anytime someone goes to New Orleans and stays outside the French Quarter, I find myself confused. Why? With so many luxury hotels and the amazing atmosphere you will not find anywhere else, why not stay in the midst of all the action? We love both the Omni and the W here, but there is something so stunning about the New Orleans W. Perhaps it is the to-die-for courtyard in the back, the historic feeling of the building or the super-modern décor that does it for us. One thing is for certain at the W New Orleans; you will not find better food in any other hotel no matter how hard you try.

W Boston

W Boston

I’ll admit that I’ve never actually stayed at the W in Boston. Anytime we’ve been in the city, we’ve been for business and been at other hotels, but we have been here to have a cocktail in the Lounge, which is one of the most fun hotel bars I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking. It’s upscale, but relaxed, and the décor is magnificent. Each time we’ve been, I’ve wanted to stay here as I understand the views of the city from most rooms are simply stunning.

w new york downtown

W New York Downtown

There are four W hotels in and around New York City, and each one is stunning in its own way. The downtown location, however, far surpasses them all in terms of beauty. So close to Wall Street, it’s one of the most beautiful hotels thanks to its gorgeous views of 1 World Trade Center, which is what makes it so special. It’s hard not to come here and sit outdoors at the Living Room Bar and Terrace and not feel the emotions and beauty that come with the unobstructed view of 1 World Trade Center. The pain is there, but every glance that direction makes you feel an overwhelming emotion of triumph and power, closeness and pride knowing that we stood together in a time when others wanted us to fall apart.

w san francisco

W San Francisco

I won’t pretend I’ve stayed here; I have not. The last time my husband and I were in San Francisco we had a stunning suite at the Omni, and we loved it. However, this W Hotel is by far one of the most stunning in the country. It is the epitome of chic and sophisticated, stunning and completely futuristic. When you walk inside the lobby of this modern hotel, you feel immediately like a movie star or supermodel in the boldly colored lights and the absolutely ‘coolness’ that emanates from every single corner of this gorgeous building.

W miami

W Miami

Since the property did not open until the 1st of June 2016 and it’s only been three weeks, I’ve never been. However, the reviews, the photos and the rumors are nothing short of amazing. Located in downtown Miami, there is more to do here than on the beach, and the pool area is one of the most stunning I’ve ever seen – and I’ve only seen photos to this point. My husband and I are planning a night here next week on our way to spend a long weekend in the Keys (without the kids!) and I cannot wait to spend a night downtown in this gorgeous location.

w atlanta buckhead

W Atlanta Buckhead

As Florida Gators, we sometimes spend a long weekend in Atlanta in early December for the SEC Championship game, and this is our favorite hotel in which to stay for two reasons. The first is that I am always amazed that the designer of this hotel managed to perfectly marry modern contemporary décor with downhome rustic country décor and actually make it work. It’s sleek and sophisticated in the way you imagine a business hotel is, yet you look up and see a chandelier made out of the horns on a deer. It’s flawless; though you’d never imagine it could be. The second reason is Whiskey Blue. The rooftop bar and lounge is seriously the most amazing location on earth, and the wine list begs me to come back each time.


W Chicago

During a recent long weekend in Chicago with my husband and our friends, we decided to spend one of our days in the city having a cocktail at every single upscale hotel bar in the city, starting with our own (we were at the Ritz-Carlton). The W was on our list, and it was the one place we actually stayed for more than one drink because we simply did not want to leave the Living Room bar. It was colorful, vibrant, bright and so trendy. Two drinks in and we were ready to head back to our hotel, pack our bags and check out so we could come here and stay the rest of our weekend. Whomever decorated this hotel had a vision I don’t think anyone else could possibly ever bring to life.

w puerto rico

W Retreat & Spa

This one might be a bit of a stretch, but America does own Puerto Rico and I am not a geographical genius, so we’re going with it. It’s one of the hotels that has the most amazing view and the most amazing ambiance in the world. The double pool overlooks the ocean, and it’s surrounded by each of the buildings filled with luxe guestrooms. The hotel here has a reputation for being among the friendliest in terms of staff, and the most fun in terms of vacations. Above all else, the double doors that lead into the hotel are made of colorful distressed wood and are the inspiration for the sliding doors I want to put in my home office, our master closets and our master bathroom.

Written by Tiffany Raiford

Tiffany Raiford is a lifelong Floridian, wife to my high school sweetheart and mother of four littles (two girls and boy/girl, they are not identical and yes, I'm sure). My kids love to whine, so I love to wine. My loves include nap time, bed time, date night, travel and evenings and weekends when my husband is home because he handles all diaper changes.