The Most Expensive Versace Belts For Sale Right Now


I don’t know what you think of when you hear the word ‘Versace,’ but my mind immediately turns to luxury. That’s because, as one of the highest known fashion brands in the world, Versace has distinguished itself with both its customers and outsiders as being very expensive and very ritzy. And, as one might imagine, no matter what the company makes, it’s going to be the highest of quality. From shirts to pants to, yes, even their belts, they don’t waste time just putting together something that won’t be loved. And since some of their belts have been to be some of the most stylish—and expensive—that I’ve ever seen, I thought it would be interesting to see which of the ones offered on Versace’s website were the ones that would set a customer back the most. So, without further ado, here are the most expensive Versace belts that someone can buy right now.

10. Barocco Embossed Belt – $695

So what does a $695 belt look like? How about some of the finest leather that a person can find, with handcrafted workmanship that rivals anything anyone can find. With the golden Medusa belt buckle in front, it definitely leaves a statement for any man who wears it, whether that’s with slacks and a button-down shirt or just a trendy t-shirt with jeans at an upscale bar or restaurant.

9. Greca Day Belt – $725

They just keep getting more and more expensive, don’t they? Just when you think that you might be able to actually afford one of these fine, Versace belts, they continue to be a little bit more upscale—and this one isn’t any exception. Made with a Greca pattern that is repeated around the entire belt and the signature Gianne Versace on the front buckle, this is a perfect accessory for those who want to make it known that they are exclusive and glamorous.

8. Men’s Couture Belt – $725

While a colored belt makes the boldest statement, there’s nothing quite like the sophistication and classic look of a black one. That’s why this Couture belt by Versace is so incredible. Well, that and the fact that it has a Greek design that is quilted and embossed on the front label, screwed in with four pieces that make this thing just pop while around a man’s waist. If you’re looking for luxury, this is most certainly it.

7. Medusa Leather Stud Belt – $895

For those men looking to spice up their outfit a bit more, go ahead and take a look at this Medusa leather belt that is sure to catch the eyes of many. With a contemporary design and the head of Medusa on the front buckle, the one-toned belt will certainly add some flair to any outfit, making you the talk of the entire room. Not for the feint of heart, one needs to use his confidence to match the look of this incredible belt.

6. Oval Crystal Medusa Belt – $950

If there’s one thing that all of these belts have in common, it’s the fact that the Medusa head is certainly in style this year—because here’s another one that uses the character. With crystals that outline Medusa’s head and a sleek, black leather that is soft as it is rugged in appearance, this belt will be a perfect complement to anyone who wants to look like the coolest casual man in the room.

5. Belt with Two-Tone Medusa Buckle – $995

Available in a stunning Autumn red, the Two-Tone Medusa Buckle might just be the king of thrones when it comes to belts. For those who are looking to be as elegant and royal as possible, this will definitely make you feel like a king, using incredible gold as the buckle. It makes any outfit without look boring and ordinary, and is a must-have for those who want to be recognized anywhere they go.

4. Belt with Two-Tone Medusa Buckle – $995

With the same characteristics and attitude as the previously mentioned two-tone Medusa buckle, this all-black look will make a man’s outfit a little more subtle when wearing with matching, black pants, yet will still garner attention thanks to that gold-studded buckle in front that features a golden background and Medusa’s head. And, just like the previously mentioned, Autumn red version, the black one makes a statement for the man wearing it.

3. Crystal 3D Medusa Belt – $1,095

So what does a near $1,100 belt get a man who purchases it? How about one of the most uniquely sleek and stunning designs I have ever seen on an accessory. Exquisitely designed with Italian leather and a studded-out Medusa head as the buckle, it’s no wonder it might just be the most glamorous option in a collection of many. Be ready to be stared at all night when this is worn, because no one will be able to help themselves.

2. Crackle Grommet Medusa Belt – $1,195

Although it’s a little bit much for some, the Crackle Grommet Medusa Belt is one that definitely makes a bold statement. Crafted with an artistic crackle finish, the Vitello belt defines the edgy Versace look to perfection. A perfect accent to any wardrobe thanks to the stunning design, gold pieces and exposes belt holes, it will add a ton of modern style to any outfit, arguably being the most iconic in the Versace belt collection.

1. Motorcycle Belt with Swarovski Crystal – $2,675

It may be as edgy as the name itself, but don’t be confused, this Motorcycle Belt with Swarovski Crystal is one that has some serious distinction, too. Made for those who aren’t afraid to flaunt a little bit, the dark leather and Swarovski crystals accent one another perfectly to create a truly once-in-a-lifetime look that others just can’t match—or even rival. It may be $2,695, but it is worth every penny for the amount of conversation and stares one will get while wrapped around a man’s waist.

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