10 Most Expensive Jeans in the World


So you are going to a concert, movie or another entertaining event, and you want to look your best. A beautiful top, with a great pair of jeans, helps you to look your best. Some people like flared jeans and some love skinny jeans, or straight leg jeans, but either way, jeans are a great way to fit into a formal or informal setting. So what are the best pair of jeans, you can wear? The best pair of jeans, are often times the most expensive jeans, in the world. However, keep in mind, that the most expensive pair of jeans, will not be hanging from your everyday rack, in the store. View a list of the most expensive jeans in the world below:

1) Secret Circus (1.3 million dollars)

With large diamonds sewn into the back pockets, these jeans are the most expensive pair of jeans in the world. When they say that diamonds are a girls best friend, these jeans were made, for becoming your true BFF. All for the modest price, of over one million dollars. With everything these jeans have to offer, there is no secret about you expect. That is simply, the best that life has to offer.

2) Dussault Apparel Hand-Made Thrashed Jeans (250,000 dollars)

The name Dussault, carries a lot of weight, in the apparel world. These jeans are handmade and pre-treated in a way that ages the jean. Washed thirteen times, then adding dye to the jean in their own special way, keeps the Dussault jeans, from having the normal wear, that other jeans would have, under similar circumstances. And if that were not enough, the Dussault jeans have rubies, diamonds and rose gold on them, making these jeans some of the most extravagant pair of jeans, that you will ever wear.

3) Levi Strauss & Company 501(60,000 dollars)

Imagine buying a pair of jeans in the 1800’s, wearing them for one hundred years, with a thousand percent return on your investment. That is what happened at auction, when a Japanese investor paid $60,000 dollars for a 501 series pair of Levi’s, made in the 1800’s. A staggering amount paid, with a high profit investment for the brand, that has led the charge, for one of the best jeans brand ever, for over one hundred years. Other vintage Levi jeans have brought 46,000 and 36,000 dollars, at auction, with Levi buying one of the pairs of jeans. Now that is what we call a history lesson.

4) Escada (10,000 dollars)

This brand is known worldwide for custom fit, specialty jeans. The buyer can place on the jeans, whatever they choose and the Escada brand, works with the owner, to make dreams a reality. One owner asked for Swarovsky crystals to be embroidered and Escada complied. The jeans were made, sold at auction for 10,000 dollars and the rest shall we say, is history!

5) APO Jeans (4000 dollars)

Only the finest materials will do, when creating these custom jeans. Silk pockets, riveting made with gold, silver or platinum and perhaps a diamond in the pocket, calls for a jeweler to appraise these jeans to say, what the owner already knows. These jeans carry all the bling a person can stand!

6) Gucci (3100 dollars)

Aged and color treated, in a way to make these jeans appear vintage, only the brand Gucci, could work a pair of jeans, into the high fashion world. Adorned with feathers, buttons and African beads, these jeans were the inspiration for fashion enthusiasts, in Milan Italy in 1998. And while critics did not believe that a pair of jeans could become, the talk of the high fashion world, this Gucci brand of jean, did just that. And to the fashion critics, who did not believe, there are three words for them. You were saying?

7) Dolce & Gabbana (1200 dollars)

With the name Dolce & Gabbana, expect the very best. These jeans have a pink patch on the back pocket, with a beautiful butterfly design and the Dolce & Gabbana gold logo design, on the jean. The denim material is a distressed fabric, that is exclusive to these jeans. But if you like these jeans and are willing to spend the 1200 dollars, then get in line behind all of the others, on the long waiting list.

8) Robert Cavalli (1200 dollars)

These Robert Cavalli jeans, are known all over the world. From everyday businesswomen. to celebrities alike, these jeans are beloved, mostly because of the jewels, that are on the jeans. These jeans make you feel special and scream HOLLYWOOD STAR!

9) Earnest Sewn Custom Fit (1000 dollars)

With the Earnest Sewn Custom Fit jeans, the owner of these jeans, can request both custom design and fit. The company works with the owner, taking their measurements, to ensure that you have the best fit, for your body. Talk about individual attention, to you and your jeans, this takes custom fit, to a new level.

10) 7 For All Mankind (298 dollars)

A pair of man jeans for the ages, these straight leg jeans, come in different colors and styles. They are fitted to make a man’s thighs, look their best. These jeans come in gray and indigo and only use the best denim fabric for jeans that are second to none.

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Written by ashwin