What You Need to Know about The Mercedes Maybach 6 Concept

maybach exterior

It’s electric…now stop dancing and pay attention. We are not ashamed to admit we have a slight obsession and a definite thing for concept cars. They’re cars, but they’re just concepts (see how that works?). The brand new Mercedes-Benz Maybach might be the one we love more than any other, and we are not even remotely ashamed to admit we have a real thing for this amazing car. Imagine the Batmobile; the coolest car that ever did exist, if you stop a think about it. Now imagine it’s lengthened, turned into something even more amazing and becomes about a million times cooler than the actual Batmobile. I know it doesn’t sound possible to get any cooler than that, but it is; and we are all kinds of excited about it. Is this the future of the Maybach?

maybach interior photo

To use the phrases that Mercedes explained the car using, it’s “Sensual Purity,” and the photos we have of this concept car prove it. Let’s get down to it; it’s long. It’s 20-feet long, to be precise. Of course, size is everything when it comes to a car, so this is done for a very specific purpose. Long and lean, this hot ride is long to pay homage to coupes that graced the highways long past, but on a stylish new platform. The window goes almost all the way around the car for uninterrupted views from the front. The seats are positioned for maximum comfort, and the data needed to drive is on the windshield during driving. To be fair, my 2016 GMC Acadia Denali does the same thing – the song, the radio station, the singer and the title, my speed, the track of the DVD we are watching, the temperature outside and the time are all displayed on the windshield while I drive – but it’s a good concept that works well in the future, too.

maybach interior

Under the hood you’re going to find a plethora of electric motors. There are four, and they have 550kw power ad 738-hp. In the floor, there’s another battery that has 80kWh just in case you need to make it an additional 200 miles on the battery. You don’t even need four seconds from stop to 62-mph, so this is a quick little coupe, too.


The name of this gorgeous concept car is officially the Vision 6, and it made its first official appearance in Pebble Beach for Monterey Car Week this week. What you’ll notice most about the interior is the clean, white design, the sleek look and the fact that there are the most awesome colored lights that make it seem as if you really are in the distant future. It’s like a great marriage between a space ship and a technical lab in which only the cleanest and purest items and people can enter. It is something seriously special, and if the Benz brand decides to bring this concept car to life, we hope they do it sometime in our lifetime so we can have a chance to ungracefully ogle it every single time it passes by. It’s our right.

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