15 Notorious Tire Brands to Avoid in 2024


Research has shown that the number of car accidents caused by tire issues is alarming. Faulty tires cause approximately 11,000 car accidents annually in the United States. This list discusses 15 tire manufacturers with a notorious reputation for producing unsafe and inferior tires.



Choosing low-budget tire brands may seem attractive due to the initial cost savings they offer. Yet, opting for brands such as Westlake Tires may not be prudent. Their products lack longevity, requiring replacement after just 20,000 miles—half the lifespan of standard tires. Additionally, there are concerns about traction loss at speeds exceeding 60 mph, potentially jeopardizing safety.



Goodride Tires ranks as one of the more affordable options in today’s market. While some reviews commend their value, the consensus leans towards mediocrity. Handling, traction, and ride comfort fall short of expectations for the average driver. Also, most owners navigating wet or snowy conditions have similar traction complaints about the product.



Chaoyang is a Chinese tire manufacturer that produces tires for vehicles such as bicycles, motorcycles, and cars. Due to their competitive pricing, brands like Chaoyang gained traction in Asia. However, some customers complain about the company’s subpar sidewall protection and susceptibility to popping at high speeds. Such faults are primarily due to the tires’ thin construction.

AKS Tires

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Manufactured in China and exported worldwide, AKS Tires is on the list of tires to avoid due to limited accessibility of information regarding its features and technologies. Their products sometimes fail to provide adequate traction, even on optimal road surfaces. Moreover, inconsistent quality control often leads to several defects during usage.


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Many customers appreciate Telluride for its cheap tires. Yet, the lower cost doesn’t guarantee value. Their products wear prematurely, probably due to incorrect curing, which creates weak spots in tires. They also lack adequate quality control measures during production.

Compass Tires


This brand stands out among its counterparts on this list for its extended tread life and superior comfort. Yet buyers should be conscious of its slender casings, which can pose potential risks, particularly in regions prone to rain or snow. Moreover, the budget-friendly sidewall design may render the tires susceptible to punctures.


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Geostar, a Chinese tire manufacturer under Nankang, offers budget-friendly tires designed to get you where you need to go. Conversely, the tires often lack durability due to improper bonding of rubber layers, including foreign materials, and inconsistent curing temperatures. These factors result in irregular wear patterns that reduce the Geostar tire’s lifespan.


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Despite a decade of tire production, there are reasons to steer clear of this brand. Though a China-based US firm, its material quality is subpar, leading to a lackluster performance on dry and wet roads. Furthermore, its limited design selection gives customers fewer choices than other brands.



Founded in 1996, Accelera, an Indonesian tire maker, is known for its high-grade models. Nevertheless, despite its advertising claims, users report issues with its wet performance. This fault could result from inadequate tread design and an uneven distribution of essential compounds like silica, which impact the tire’s grip on wet surfaces.


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One issue commonly reported by drivers is the lack of long-term durability and reliability in their designs. Some drivers have found that these tires fail to reach even 20,000 miles, raising concerns about their overall grade.

Triangle Tires


Another Chinese-based company, Triangle Tires, is famous for offering budget-friendly tire options. While their designs require substantial enhancement, particularly in wet conditions, the company has forged a promising alliance with the University of Akron for research and development endeavors. This alliance aims to elevate the standard of their tires, potentially leading to superior offerings.



This manufacturer specializes in manufacturing tires for various specialty vehicles, notably trailers. However, users should exercise caution when considering products from China. Reports suggest these tires may not withstand extreme weather conditions, raising concerns about their reliability and safety for purchase.

Firestone Destination

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The Firestone Destination tires have garnered concern due to their use of grade materials, such as inferior rubber compounds, poor reinforcing materials, and inadequate tread depth. These shortcuts can lead to decreased durability, increased risk of blowouts, and poorer traction, endangering drivers and passengers on the road.

Falken Ziex


Poor wet traction and slippery performance are among their significant faults. These inefficiencies often stem from improper rubber compound distribution or inadequate siping. Also, irregular tread depth and incomplete rubber compound distribution can hinder water evacuation, increasing the risk of hydroplaning.

Low-end General Tires


Some of the issues with this brand include the use of inferior materials, noisy tires, and poor durability. Manufacturing faults like uneven tread patterns, improper belt alignment, or inadequate bonding between layers can lead to these challenges. Additionally, tread separation due to poor adhesion, uneven tire construction, or defects in the rubber compound can also contribute.

Written by Johann H