15 Dream Cars You Can Actually Afford

Mercedes-Benz of Encino/Facebook

Many people assume luxury cars are out of reach for the average consumer. However, the luxury car market offers numerous options that may be more attainable than you think. Here, we share 15 luxury vehicles, ranging from sleek sedans to stylish SUVs, that all fall within budget without compromising on quality or performance.

Lexus ES| $40000


The Lexus ES is a beautiful automobile offering various features such as an upscale interior and a svelte suspension. Its price tag is quite a steal, too, as it barely hits the 50k mark. As far as affordable luxury sedans go, this car is definitely one for consideration.

Audi A3| $34000


Those seeking a compact luxury car can find a compelling option in the Audi A3 thanks to its well-appointed interior, ground-breaking technology, and agile handling. This level of German engineering speaks for itself, and the price tag is a steal.

BMW 3 Series| $42000


The benchmark for compact luxury sedans, the BMW 3 Series delivers a dynamic driving experience without breaking the bank. Despite having such a low cost compared to other vehicles in its category, the 3 series still manages to maintain the BMW quality trademark. For one, it comes in various engine options, meaning you can make it as powerful as some of the top-of-the-line competitors. The interior is also worth mentioning as the quality doesn’t reflect the low price point.

Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class| $38000

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A sleek exterior design, luxurious interior, and impressive features make the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class an enticing option for luxury car buyers on a budget. Who wouldn’t want the Mercedes badge at an affordable rate?

Genesis G70| $38000

Genesis g70/Facebook

As Hyundai’s luxury arm, Genesis has been making waves with its lineup of high-quality vehicles. The G70 sedan stands out with its stylish design, refined interior, and engaging driving dynamics, all at a competitive price point.

Volvo XC60| $42000

Volvo Cars/Facebook

For luxury SUV buyers, the Volvo XC60 offers a compelling blend of Scandinavian design, modern safety features, and upscale amenities. The tech elements complement the thoughtful interior pretty well, making this one of the best-designed cars out there. Additionally, the cabin is quite spacious and comfortable for rides that feel more luxurious than the price suggests.  

Cadillac CT4| $34000

Alexander Cadillac/Facebook

This compact luxury sedan delivers on style, competence, and value. The CT4 offers a premium driving experience highlighted by its incredible engine that smokes the competition at this price range. On the other hand, the design retains the eye-catching hallmarks of more expensive Cadillacs that scream ‘old money’. 

Infiniti Q50| $37000

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Performance, luxury, and style are the adjectives that aptly describe the Infiniti Q50. This car is a sight to behold, as the exterior and interior were built to exude opulence and confidence. Moreover, the engineers at Infiniti tuned the engine to perfection and added several tech features that are normally found in more expensive vehicles.

Lexus NX| $38000


The Lexus NX, priced at $38,000, appeals to those seeking a luxury SUV with a smaller size. At first glance, this car looks more expensive than it really is. Despite its seemingly high-end appearance, this vehicle offers great value and upholds Lexus’s renowned reliability.

Audi Q3| $36000

Alexander Saad/Facebook

Like the A3, the Q3 offers luxury and versatility in a compact package, albeit with a slightly roomier form factor. For a compact SUV the Q3 is no slouch since it is littered with various high-end amenities like the advanced driver-assistance systems and dynamic handling which ensures you have peace of mind during your trips.  

BMW X1| $36000


The X1 is a subcompact luxury SUV that delivers power delivery and practicality. The price might be shallow, but it is still a contender in its category, considering its upscale interior and ample cargo space. If performance is a big selling point, then its athletic handling will definitely keep you entertained and happy.

Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class| $36000

Auto Macchina/Facebook

This legendary car combines the luxury and refinement of its larger siblings with a more accessible price point. The GLA retains the Mercedes glory by offering a stylish machine that doesn’t compromise on comfort and performance. Whether you want an aggressive off-road experience or a quaint urban ride, the steering, tech, and engine combination are all fine-tuned to cater to your needs. 

Volvo S60| $60000

SIA Lagos/Facebook

Since it’s a Volvo, you probably know what to expect, but there’s one feature that makes it stand out from its counterparts, and that is the fuel efficiency. The S60s engine is one of a kind in the luxury category as it sips gas compared to the guzzlers it competes with. The pricing might be a bit higher than some other recommendations, but it is probably one of the cheapest machines in the long run. 

Acura TLX| $38000

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The Acura TLX is a value-packed luxury sedan that doesn’t compromise performance or comfort. It is known for its strong engine lineup, precise handling, and abundance of standard features, making it a compelling proposition.

Genesis G80| $43000

Pavel Ushakov/Facebook

Rounding out our list is the Genesis G80, a midsize luxury sedan that delivers on all fronts. The exterior is one of a kind and its striking design is bound to start a few conversations. On the other hand, the chassis and handling are pretty smooth. Let’s not forget about the spacious cabin accentuated with comfortable seats for those long offroad ventures we all dream of. 

Written by Bruno P