15 Most Expensive Things in the World

Tooth Brush

Everybody wants things. Beautiful, precious, and when we can afford it, expensive things. When you hit a certain level of success in life and you have insane amounts of money coming in, you have to find something to spend it on right? So why not buy all of the expensive things that money can buy. It doesn’t matter that a $30 dollar toothbrush probably cleans teeth just as good as an outrageously expensive toothbrush. All that matters is that even all the ordinary things in the world can be extraordinary when you have the cash to make it so. Here is a list of the top 15 most expensive things in the world. They are in no particular order.

1. Most Expensive Toothbrush – Reinast – $4,272.96

Since toothbrushes were mentioned earlier in this article, it is only fitting that we list the most expensive toothbrush first. Reinast has manufactured the perfect toothbrush for your teeth. It is made of titanium, and has a replaceable head. As a bonus you received new heads for free every six months.

2. Most Expensive Jeans – Escada – $10,000

For $10,000 dollars you would think that these jeans are true miracle workers. They must be designed to make everyone’s butt look great. What other justification could there be for such pricey jeans?

3. Most Expensive Swimsuit – Yamamay – 1 million

How ironic is it that the most expensive swimsuit will probably never see a swimming pool? It has 90 stones hand sewn on it, and features 200 carats of various gems to include diamonds, emeralds, and rubies.

4. Most Expensive Diamond – Sotheby’s – $83.2 million

The diamond is 59.6 carats of sheer brilliance. It was given the name “pink star” for its rosy coloring.

5. Most Expensive Book – “The Bay Psalm Book” – $14.2 million

This is the first book ever printed. It was printed back in 1640. Only 11 copies exist today. If you are on a slightly tighter budget, you can also find more recent printings of the book online for around $11.00 dollars.

6. Most Expensive Wreath – VeryFirstTo – $4.92 million

Unless you live in a gated community with security parked outside your front door, then one would not suggest hanging this wreath on your front door this holiday season. It boasts 16 rubies and 32 diamonds.

7. Most Expensive Digital Camera – Leica – $1.8 million

This is definitely not the first camera from this company to sell for over a million dollars. It sold on auction for over half of what it was projected to sell for.

8. Most Expensive Model Car – Lamborghini – $7.8 million

When rich people run out of regular sized cars to buy, some move on to model cars. It’s funny how this model car is more expensive than a regular sized car. However a regular car isn’t made of gold, platinum and encrusted in diamonds and jewels either.

9. Most Expensive Camera – Leica – $2.78 million

So not only does Leica hold the record for the most expensive digital camera, it also holds the record for the most expensive regular camera. It was made in 1932 and is gold plated encased in lizard skin.

10. Most Expensive Coffee Concoction – Starbucks – $47.30

Just for giggles this was added to the list. Starbucks is known for its inflated prices anyway, so it’s only fitting that the most expensive drink comes from them. Note: this price is from a man in Washington State that developed his own caffeine bomb; you won’t find this drink on the menu.

11. Most Expensive Bra – Mouawad (for Victoria’s Secret) – $10 million

As most of the “most expensive” items go, you can guess that this bra is also laden with diamonds and other gems. In fact it has over 4200 different gems on it. It is surely made for looks and not comfort.

12. Most Expensive Headphones – Sennheiser Orpheus HE90 – $16,000

Surely the most expensive headphones in the world offer the best sound right? The sound detail on these headphones is said to be sharp and realistic. It would be as if the singer or performer were in the same room as you.

13. Most Expensive Mattress – Savoir Beds – $175,000

You will actually feel like you are waking up on a pile of money. Probably because that is exactly what you are doing once you invest that much cash in a mattress. Question is, is a pile of money really that comfortable?

14. Most Expensive Bottle of Wine – Chateau Margaux, 2009 – $195,000

Part of a limited collection of 6 bottles, this wine is currently the most expensive in the world. It is set in an ornate case engraved in gold.

15. Most Expensive Cupcake – Dubai’s Bloomsbury – $1,223

It is an edible cupcake, but it is so beautiful to look at that one would probably have a hard time biting into it. It is made with real, edible 23 carat gold.

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