10 Weird Activities Only Rich People Do

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Ever wonder what the ultra-rich do for fun? While most people might think of fancy cars and lavish parties, there’s a whole world of exclusive activities that barely cross others’ minds. Be it owning a private island or commissioning custom art, these pursuits showcase a truly extraordinary lifestyle. Here are some extravagant hobbies, and see what makes them so unique.

Participating in Exclusive Auctions


Rather than shopping at high-end stores, they often turn to exclusive auctions. Here, they bid on rare items like antique jewelry, vintage cars, and historical artifacts. Winning a highly coveted item provides not only ownership but also prestige. These events, often held in glamorous locations, become social gatherings for the elite. Imagine the thrill of raising a paddle and securing a one-of-a-kind treasure.

Flying in Private Jets

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Why deal with airport hassles when you can charter a private jet? Private aviation is the norm for the wealthy, offering unparalleled convenience and comfort. Skipping security lines and avoiding crowded terminals makes travel much more enjoyable. Inside these jets, you find luxurious interiors with customized features. From gourmet meals to personalized service, flying private turns a mundane trip into an extraordinary experience.

Exclusive Travel


Traveling when you’re wealthy is about enjoying the best of the best, not just sightseeing. The rich go to extravagant locations, stay at five-star resorts, and discover lesser-known treasures worldwide. While living in the lap of luxury, they make memories in the most unusual places. It is the stuff that fantasies of wanderlust are built of!

Commissioning Custom Fashion

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Off-the-rack clothing simply doesn’t cut it for the ultra-wealthy. Instead, they commission custom fashion from top designers. These bespoke pieces are tailored to fit perfectly and reflect personal style. The process involves numerous fittings and high-end materials, whether a hand-stitched suit or a couture gown. Wearing custom fashion is about making a statement of individuality and taste.

Owning Luxury Cars


While most people dream of owning a fancy car, the ultra-wealthy often have entire collections. These include rare models, vintage classics, and the latest supercars. Driving a luxury car isn’t just about transportation but the thrill and prestige. They might even have personal chauffeurs for their everyday rides, and they reserve their prized vehicles for special occasions. From Ferraris to Bentleys, their garages are like high-end showrooms.

Owning Private Islands


Imagine escaping to your private island whenever the mood strikes. The ultra-rich don’t just fantasize about it—they make it a reality. These secluded paradises offer unparalleled privacy far from the public’s prying eyes. Often, they come complete with mansions, staff, and even private airstrips. Owning an island isn’t just a status symbol; it’s the ultimate getaway.

Custom-Made Mega Yachts

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Setting sail on a yacht is one thing, but commissioning a custom-made mega yacht takes opulence to a new level. These floating palaces are tailored to every whim of their owners, featuring amenities like helipads, swimming pools, and even submarines. Imagine spending your days cruising the Mediterranean or the Caribbean in such a style. It’s no wonder the super-rich invest millions in these maritime marvels.

Space Tourism


While most of us dream of traveling the world, the ultra-wealthy are setting their sights even higher—literally. Space tourism is the new frontier for those with deep pockets. Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin offer thrilling voyages beyond our atmosphere. Experiencing zero gravity and viewing Earth from space is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. 

Collecting Rare Art


Art collecting is more than just hanging pretty pictures on the wall. It’s a passion and a significant investment for the rich. They often compete to own works by renowned artists like Picasso, Van Gogh, or Warhol. These masterpieces can fetch millions at auctions and appreciate over time. For the wealthy, art isn’t just decoration; it’s a tangible asset.

Building Personal Museums


Why visit a museum when you can build your own? Some billionaires take their love for art and history to the next level by constructing personal museums. The private galleries house their vast collections, from rare artifacts to contemporary pieces. Often, they open these museums to the public, sharing their treasures with the world. It’s a way to leave a lasting legacy while indulging in a passion.

Written by Bruno P