5 Reasons To Love Upstate New York and 4 Reasons To Hate It

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Upstate New York is a region of contrasts, providing a mix of stunning beauty and frustrating challenges that evoke strong emotions from both residents and visitors. It has something for everyone, yet for every breathtaking view, there’s a snowstorm that shuts down entire towns. This article discusses nine aspects of Upstate New York that people either cherish or despise.

5 Reasons To Love It

Enchanting Towns


Home to some of the most charming towns in America, Upstate New York has places like Saratoga Springs, Woodstock, and Skaneateles. These towns have quaint streets, historic buildings, and a cozy, small-town feel. They are ideal for leisurely strolls, boutique shopping, and enjoying local cafes.

Community Cohesion

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There’s a strong sense of community in many parts of Upstate New York. Neighbors look out for each other, and local events foster a tight-knit atmosphere. This communal spirit is especially evident in smaller towns and rural areas. The friendliness and supportiveness of the residents make it a warm and welcoming place to live.

Changing Seasons

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Here, you experience all four seasons in their full glory. Spring brings blooming flowers, summer offers warm, sunny days, autumn showcases vibrant fall foliage, and winter delivers a snowy wonderland. Each season has its unique activities and beauty, keeping life enjoyable year-round. The distinct seasons are a highlight for many who appreciate nature’s variety.

Diverse Landscape

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The geography of Upstate New York is incredibly diverse. The landscape is varied and beautiful, from the mountains to the valleys, lakes, and rivers. This variety provides a lot of opportunities for outdoor activities like skiing, boating, hiking, and fishing. Nature lovers find this assortment an endless source of delight and adventure.


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It boasts a rich culinary scene with plenty to love. Be it farm-to-table restaurants or local wineries and craft breweries, there’s something for every palate. The region is famous for its apples, maple syrup, and dairy products. Food enthusiasts relish the delicious and various offerings available throughout the area.

4 Reasons To Hate It

Absence of Nightlife

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Upstate New York can be disappointing for those who want a bustling nightlife. Many areas don’t have a vibrant nightlife scene, as there are fewer bars, clubs, and entertainment options than big cities. Younger residents and visitors might find the evenings rather quiet, which can be a downside.

Inadequate Employment Opportunities

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Despite its natural beauty, there are few job prospects. Many areas have seen a decline in industries, leading to high unemployment rates. Young professionals often leave in search of better opportunities elsewhere. This economic struggle is a significant drawback for the region’s residents.

Severe Winter Conditions

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The winters in this area are known to be harsh and long. The heavy snowfall and frigid temperatures often create challenging conditions for daily life. Residents frequently have to navigate difficult driving conditions and engage in frequent snow removal.

Restricted Access to Facilities

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Living in Upstate New York often means limited access to certain amenities. Residents in rural areas usually lack access to shopping, entertainment, and specialized healthcare, requiring them to travel long distances for basic needs. This inconvenience can be frustrating for those accustomed to urban amenities.

Written by Devin J