15 Things You Should Never Do In Your Host’s House


When someone welcomes you into their home, it’s an act of care. As a guest, appreciating your host is not just a formality but a basic display of manners. Failing to do so may result in an uncomfortable stay or strained relationships. Even actions that might seem normal to you can be major etiquette breaches that leave a lasting negative impression. Here are 15 unforgivable behaviors that you should avoid as a guest.

Smoking Indoors Without Permission


This behavior shows a lack of respect for boundaries, preferences, and the health of others. It creates unpleasant odors that linger in the space, and can even pose health risks to non-smoking individuals. Smoking indoors without the proper go-ahead from the host can make them uncomfortable in their environment. It can also damage an existing relationship as it shows disregard for common courtesy.

Wasting Resources


Guests are expected to appreciate and use resources thoughtfully during their stay. Wasting resources like water, electricity, or food not only demonstrates a lack of gratitude but also creates inconvenience and extra expenses for the host. It reflects poorly on your character and your host may see you as selfish or irresponsible.

Taking Food or Drinks Without Permission


Taking food or drinks without permission shows a lack of respect for your host’s property, which can pass off as rude or inconsiderate. It may also create a perception of entitlement or disregard for social norms.

Ignoring Set Rules and Regulations in the House


Every home has a few rules and regulations, usually based on routine or necessity, to make life more comfortable. Ignoring them can cause them to feel disrespected or unappreciated. It can also disrupt the harmony and routine of the household, creating tension and annoyance.

Not Offering to Assist


When you visit someone’s home and don’t offer to help with anything, you can seem lazy and inconsiderate. Your host may feel overwhelmed with hosting duties and view your lack of offer to help as self-centered. By neglecting to assist in chores such as preparing meals or cleaning, you might come across as indifferent to their needs.

Always Using Your Phone


This attitude is one of the fastest ways to create a barrier between you and those around you. Constantly checking your phone can signal disinterest, disrupt conversations, and make others feel unimportant. When you’re around your host, always staying glued to your mobile device can also come off as rude and disrespectful.

Bringing Extra Guests Without Informing the Host

Biserka Stojanovic/Getty

Don’t assume your host can handle a few more people without first informing them. They may have planned a certain number of guests, considering space, food, and amenities. Besides the lack of respect for their planning and efforts, bringing uninvited guests may overwhelm the host.

Snooping Around


There’s no reason to invade others’ privacy and boundaries, especially when you’re a guest. Intruding on someone’s privacy can damage trust and create unease or resentment.

Not Sticking to Sleep and Quiet Hours


Regardless of the sleep pattern you’re used to, if it’s different in your host’s place, you have to respect it and try to adjust. You should not play loud music or love around the house when they’re trying to sleep. Disregarding these times, especially in a house with children or tight schedules may affect their routine. Likewise, it shows a lack of respect for others’ needs and boundaries.

Leaving Doors and Windows Open


This wouldn’t just annoy a host, it can compromise their safety and privacy. Besides, if it wasn’t secure, you wouldn’t have chosen to stay there. This nonchalant behavior may lead to theft, vandalism, or other criminal activities.

Raiding the Fridge Permission


One of the easiest ways to overstay your welcome at your host’s place is to raid their fridge without their permission. This invasive behavior can come off as rude and entitled. It implies greed, selfishness, and a lack of consideration for their resources and hospitality. Before helping yourself to stored-up food or drinks, speak with the host first.

Leaving the Bathroom a Mess can make me an Unwelcome Guest


Guests are expected to leave spaces as they found them or cleaner, not create additional work for the hosts. Doing otherwise can create an uncomfortable and unhygienic environment for others.

Using Items Not Meant for Guests Without Permission 


Guests are expected to honor boundaries set by hosts, and using items without permission violates those boundaries. Regardless of the seeming level of intimacy, this behavior can convey a lack of consideration and gross disrespect that may bother the host.

Ignoring Invitations, Instructions, or Directives


Refusing to participate in activities or adhering to directives shows that you neither respect nor regard the host’s wishes.  Avoid appearing ungrateful or uninterested in the host’s efforts because it’s a sure ticket to exclusion from future events or gatherings.

Making a Mess and Not Cleaning Up


Guests are generally expected to show courtesy and consideration by tidying up after themselves. When you fail to do so, you give the host a negative impression of you. Rather than creating additional work for the host, show gratitude for the hospitality you’ve received.

Written by grayson