15 Places Where Private Islands Are As Affordable As Houses


Owning a private island is often seen as the pinnacle of luxury, a dream accessible only to the ultra-wealthy. However, this fantasy might be more attainable than you think. Around the world, there are hidden gems where private islands are surprisingly affordable, sometimes even comparable in price to urban homes. This list will show you 15 places to make your island dream come true.



Fiji’s islands are surrounded by pristine waters and stunning coral reefs, making them ideal for those seeking a tropical paradise. One of the islands for sale here is a 53-acre property listed for 1.7 million dollars. With a rich culture and friendly locals, Fiji provides an attractive balance of natural beauty and investment potential.



Crystal-clear waters, vibrant marine life, and lush vegetation are some things to enjoy when you own an island in Panama. You can find a 400-acre island for under 10 million dollars here. North American buyers may love the country’s proximity to the United States because of its convenience.



Greece’s islands are famous for their historical significance, breathtaking landscapes, and mild Mediterranean climate. The ease of access to the European mainland and the country’s well-developed tourism infrastructure add significant value to these properties. A 2.6-acre island has been listed here for 2.2 million euros.



In Canada, islands have been on the market for less than a million dollars. These islands have diverse landscapes, from dense forests to rocky shorelines. Canada’s strong legal protections for property rights and high quality of life make it a desirable location to consider buying a private island.



With thousands of islands, the Philippines offers numerous opportunities for affordable private island ownership. The country’s warm climate, friendly locals, and lively culture are among the reasons it is an ideal location for a tropical escape. Many Islands are not only reasonably priced but also beautiful.  



You can find an island of 3000+ acres for 3 million dollars here and various options beneath that amount. Islands in Brazil are often surrounded by lush rainforests and beautiful beaches, providing a blend of natural beauty and seclusion.  The country’s diverse ecosystems and vibrant culture add to the allure of possessing a private island in this South American gem.



One of the islands in Nicaragua is listed at 90 thousand dollars! Several other islands, going for around 1 million dollars, provide stunning views, lavish biodiversity, and peaceful surroundings. Thanks to its low cost of living—over 50% below the U.S. average—and investment-friendly policies, it’s an excellent place to own a piece of paradise.



Croatia’s popularity as a tourist hotspot ensures that owning an island here can be both a personal retreat and a lucrative investment. The region’s clear waters, historic towns, and Mediterranean weather conditions make it a sought-after destination. There are numerous islands here, some of which are surprisingly a steal. On the Dalmatian Coast, a number of islands fall under 1 million euros. 



The islands in the Bahamas offer the quintessential Caribbean experience with white sandy beaches and turquoise waters. Many are selling for below 10 million dollars, and a handful are priced in hundreds of thousands. The Bahamas is close to the United States, and that’s an advantage it has over other places with cheap islands.



Argyll Island, a 261-acre property in Scotland, was put up for sale at 10 million pounds. Some of the islands in this country come with rugged terrains, dramatic coastlines, and a rich cultural heritage. The peaceful surroundings and the opportunity to experience traditional Scottish life add significant charm to these properties.



Belize isn’t only a barrier reef and tropical climate; it also has private islands that are relatively affordable. Islands have been put on the market for 350,000 to 525,000 dollars, so you can enjoy stunning settings, clear waters, and lively marine life for less than the price of a home. Among the reasons for owning an island here are Belize’s English-speaking population and stable political environment.



Besides numerous lakes and archipelagos, the happiest country in the world has island prices that will excite you, like the Lake Saimaa Development, which is offered for 4.4 million dollars. Finland’s serene natural environment, characterized by vast forests and pristine lakes, is perfect for those seeking solitude and tranquility.



Ugandan islands provide breathtaking views, rich birdlife, and a serene environment, and they are fairly priced. There are islands here going for 2.5-4 million dollars. In addition to Uganda’s natural beauty, other reasons to get an island there are the warm atmospheric conditions and welcoming local communities.



If you want a reason to invest there, Chile has a stable economy. Islands in Chile are selling for 1.4 million to 3.2 million. An island in the country can offer rugged landscapes, temperate rainforests, pristine waters, and more.



You can buy islands and spend less than 10 million euros—a few are even under one million in the country. Expect beautiful, rugged terrains when you buy yourself an island. Ireland is among the top five most peaceful places in the world and is close to mainland Europe, which makes it an excellent place to buy an island.

Written by Bruno P