15 Indicators of a Woman Thriving Outside of Romance


Society often points us to couple goals and wedding bells. But what about the incredible women who thrive when they’re single? Here’s the truth: many women discover a new level of fulfillment when embracing their independence. Ditch the stereotypes and check out these 15 signs that a woman is crushing life without being in a relationship.

Thriving Social Life


She surrounds herself with a supportive network of friends who make her laugh, challenge her, and celebrate her victories. From weekend getaways with the girls to cozy game nights, she enjoys connections that fill her cup and create a sense of belonging.

Passionate Pursuits


Instead of waiting for someone to share her interests, she dives headfirst into activities that bring her joy. It can be anything like mastering a new recipe, conquering a challenging hike, or getting lost in a captivating novel, as long as she is having fun and fuelling her creativity and sense of accomplishment.

Comfortable Solitude


To her, spending time alone isn’t a punishment; it’s a chance to recharge and reconnect with herself. You may see her savoring quiet mornings with a cup of coffee and a good book, embracing the peace of a solo hike in nature, and enjoying the freedom of exploring a city at her own pace. 

Open to Dating, Not Desperate


While she might be open to meeting new people or going on casual dates, she’s not desperately searching for “the one.” Her priority is building genuine connections, and she doesn’t feel pressured to settle for anything less than someone who enhances her life.

Strong Boundaries


She prioritizes liberty and sets healthy boundaries in all aspects of her life. Without fear, she politely declines invitations that don’t align with her values or drain her energy. Trust her to communicate her needs assertively. 

Career Focus


Without spending all her time wishing for a relationship, she pours energy into her professional development. She’ll do what it takes—mastering a new skill, taking on a leadership role, or starting her own business.



Activities that nourish her mind, body, and soul are not a joke to her. She enjoys spa days, relaxing baths, or whatever tickles her. The fact that she doesn’t have a partner doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy love.

Financial Independence


Feeling secure and empowered by managing her own finances, she doesn’t need a financial helper. When she has goals, she saves; when debts come, she works on paying them off. Her approach to finance allows her to pursue her dreams and live on her own terms.  

Travel Bug

Zoran Zeremski/Getty

Embracing the freedom of solo travel, she may explore a new city, get lost in a foreign culture, or simply relax on a secluded beach—alone! These adventures satisfy her freedom lifestyle and allow her to discover the world at her own pace.

Creative Spark


Independently, she actively pursues artistic outlets that ignite her imagination. With one less commitment to worry about, she has more time for painting, music, or writing. These creative pursuits allow her to express herself authentically and explore new ideas. 

Learning Enthusiast

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Her curiosity is insatiable, and she’s constantly seeking new knowledge. Either she’s taking an online course, learning a new language, devouring nonfiction books on a fascinating topic, or attending workshops to expand her skill set. She thrives on the challenge of personal growth.

Fitness Focus

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You may run into her at the gym or on the streets, getting in those early morning jogs. Her focus is on her physical and mental well-being, and exercise makes her feel strong and energized.

Family Time


Such a woman can make time and effort to nurture her relationships with family members. She’s freer for a Sunday dinner tradition and can spend more time on a spontaneous phone call to catch up.

Pet Project

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She finds companionship and purpose in caring for a pet. She probably has a wagging pup, a cuddly cat, or another animal buddy. These buddies offer and enjoy unconditional love and loyalty, uniquely enriching her life.

Grateful Heart


Big or small, she is thankful for the good things in her life. Maybe she appreciates a beautiful sunset, sends a card to a supportive friend, or mutters thanks after a delicious meal. Her sense of happiness is enhanced by these mindful practices.

Written by Lucas M