10 Soda Brands You Should Avoid


There’s no denying that soda is the nectar of our childhood memories. But beneath the fizzy fun lurks a not-so-sweet reality.  Certain brands and flavors are loaded with unhealthy ingredients and have sugar levels that would make any dentist wince. Here are ten soda fails to banish from your shopping cart now.

Warheads Sour Slam


Remember the tongue-tingling torture of Warheads candies? Warheads Sour Slam translates that experience into a soda. This can of citrus-flavored monstrosity packs a whopping 38 grams of sugar, alongside components like phosphoric acid, which can irritate teeth and contribute to bone loss.

Faygo Oh My! Mystery Flavor


If you’re feeling adventurous, Faygo Oh My! Mystery Flavor promises a surprising taste sensation. Unfortunately, it usually involves an artificial tasty explosion, leaving you confused and possibly regretful. Get your money’s worth and buy other reputable soda brands instead.

Big Gulp Mega Blast


Need a quick sugar rush? Avoid this vibrantly colored concoction, which has a staggering 48 grams of sugar—more than anyone needs daily. On top of the sweetness overload, Mega Blast contains unnatural sweeteners like sucralose, which studies suggest may disrupt gut health.

Diet Pepsi with Aspartame


Diet sodas seem like a better alternative, but they come with their own set of issues. A prime example of this is Diet Pepsi with Aspartame. Some people report headaches and digestive troubles after consuming aspartame-laden beverages.

Bacon Soda by La Beast


The bizarre bacon soda trend in 2013 spawned the Bacon Soda by La Beast, a novelty drink that promised a savory-sweet moment. Too bad it actually has a sickly combination of fake bacon flavoring and 33 grams of sugar per can.  

Spindrift Sparkling Water


Artisanal sodas often tout their natural ingredients and unique flavors. Spindrift Sparkling Water, for example, bragged that real fruit in its ingredient list. Yet some Spindrift flavors still contain added sugar and artificial sweeteners for taste.  

Sunkist Strawberry Splash


Fruity sodas like Sunkist Strawberry Splash sounds healthy, but the truth is often disappointing. Sunkist Strawberry is a bright pink beverage that offers a vague strawberry taste primarily from artificial sources. What’s more, it contains 34 grams of sugar, making it a sugary treat rather than a refreshing fruit drink.



This drink’s mysterious flavor profile has left people scratching their heads for generations. The New England drink staple is neither quite a cola nor a root beer but has a bitter aftertaste and a special mix of spices. Additionally, Moxie’s high caffeine content (around twice that of a typical cola) makes it a questionable choice.

Mountain Dew Voltage


Don’t be fooled by Mountain Dew Voltage’s eye-catching neon green glow. This citrus-raspberry-flavored soda contains 77 grams of sugar, artificial coloring, and a blend of unidentified artificial flavors. With all that junk in the can, we believe you’re better off skipping it.

Crush Pineapple


Eating eight Original Glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts would leave you with less sugar than one bottle of Crush Pineapple soda. It also contains the same calories as two bags of Lay’s Original Potato Chips. Those alone should be ample motivation to drink water instead!

Written by Devin J