Presidents’ Most Disliked Food Items

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Do you ever wonder what presidents eat? And, more intriguingly, what do they refuse to eat? Discover some surprising dining habits of 7 notable leaders as we explore their bizarre dislikes for certain food items and beverages. Swipe through to find the foods that didn’t cut it for these commanders-in-chief.

Barack Obama and Mayonnaise

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President Obama’s aversion to mayonnaise became a well-known detail during his time in office. He reportedly disliked mayonnaise and often requested it not be included in his meals. This preference garnered attention in media and public discussions about his tastes and dietary habits.

Source: Food&Wine

Richard Nixon and Cottage Cheese

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Richard Nixon disliked cottage cheese but reluctantly ate it on the advice of his doctor to manage his weight. He admitted that adding ketchup helped him tolerate it, which garnered attention from both ketchup and cottage cheese producers. Nixon defended his unusual choice by citing his grandmother, who also enjoyed the combination and lived to be 93, suggesting it couldn’t be too bad for him.

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George H.W. Bush and Broccoli

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President George H.W. Bush’s dislike for broccoli was no secret. In 1990, he famously declared, “I’m President of the United States, and I’m not going to eat any more broccoli!” This statement sparked a national discussion about the vegetable’s nutritional benefits.

Source: Wikipedia

Joe Biden and Salmon

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In September 2021, during a private dinner at the White House with his sister Val, President Biden expressed his reluctance towards the main course the first lady chose: salmon wrapped in pastry alongside assorted vegetables. Later, once the first lady had left the room, Biden treated himself to a slice of lemon pound cake and finished off a carton of Breyers chocolate chip ice cream for dessert.

Source: Axios

Barack Obama and Beets

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Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, his wife, have been vocal about their dietary preferences. One notable aspect of their dietary preferences was their reported disinterest in eating beets. While the specific reasons behind their aversion to beets were not extensively detailed, personal taste and texture preferences likely played a role.

Source: Chicago Tribune

Harry S. Truman and Onions


Truman’s strong aversion to onions was well-documented, with numerous sources confirming that he despised them to the extent that he could easily detect even the slightest hint of onions in a dish. His reaction was immediate—he simply set aside any food containing onions, refusing to eat it.

Source: National Archives

Donald Trump and Coffee

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Donald Trump is famous for avoiding alcohol and drugs because of their effect on his older brother, Fred Trump Jr., who battled alcoholism and died in 1981. Trump expanded this personal restriction to coffee, revealing in his 2000 book The America We Deserve that he had never tasted coffee. He continued to abstain, citing his brother’s advice against drinking and smoking and highlighting his dedication to avoiding stimulants like coffee for health reasons.

Source: Newsweek

Written by Johann H