10 Budget Tequilas To Buy

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Regarding tequila, price sometimes equates to something other than quality. You don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a great-tasting tequila, but it’s easy to get stuck with a bottle that tastes like gasoline. We’ve curated a list of affordable tequilas that deliver exceptional flavor and the ones you should avoid. Swipe through to find your favorite pick on a budget.

Buy: Espolòn Blanco ($25)


Meet your new best friend for summer margaritas. Espolòn Blanco packs a punch with its crisp, clean flavor that’s as refreshing as a dip in a fantastic pool on a hot day. It’s got just the right amount of citrus and peppery notes to keep things interesting without overwhelming your taste buds. Plus, that skeleton-themed label is almost too incredible to recycle.

Avoid: El Toro Silver ($10)

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El Toro Silver is infamous for its subpar quality. The tequila has a strong, unpleasant aftertaste that lingers far too long. It’s often described as tasting more like rubbing alcohol than a spirit. Even in cocktails, it fails to mask its inferior quality. There are far better options at similar price points.

Buy: Olmeca Altos Plata ($22)

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Let’s talk about Olmeca Altos Plata, the tequila that loads a punch without punching your wallet. Smooth and full of character, it’s got a blend of sweet and peppery notes that’ll make your taste buds dance. Add this to your collection, and suddenly, your home bar looks fancier.

Avoid: Juarez Silver ($12)

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Often seen at the lowest end of the tequila spectrum, Juarez Silver lives up to its reputation. The robust and unpleasant aftertaste makes it a tough sell, even for mixed drinks. It might be cheap, but the low price reflects the low quality. If you care about taste, spend a few extra bucks on something better.

Buy: Milagro Silver ($28)

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When it’s time to party, Milagro Silver is your go-to sidekick. This tequila bursts with fresh agave flavor and a touch of sweetness that makes it extraordinary. Whether shaking up some tangy margaritas or enjoying a classic tequila sunrise, Milagro keeps the good times rolling without emptying your bank account.

Avoid: Montezuma Silver ($9)

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This budget tequila’s harshness is legendary, and not in a good way. The overwhelming taste of raw alcohol and astringency makes it challenging to enjoy. Perfect for those prioritizing cost over quality, but only for some seeking a pleasant drinking experience. Even in mixed drinks, it’s a challenge to mask the roughness.

Buy: Cazadores Blanco ($23)

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For those who prefer their tequila with a bit of history, Cazadores Blanco has been doing its thing since 1922. This one’s all about the earthy, herbal flavors that make your cocktails stand out. Whether you’re a traditionalist or an experimenter, Cazadores brings a level of sophistication that’s hard to match in this price range.

Avoid: Jose Cuervo Especial Silver ($16)

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Steering clear of this bottle could save you from a night of regret. Its overly harsh bite makes it a favorite for punishing shots rather than savoring sips. It’s definitely not the tequila to pour if you want to impress your friends. If you must, rather reserve it for emergency margaritas where the mixers can mask its flaws. For sipping straight? Look elsewhere.

Buy: Sauza Silver Tequila ($18)


Sauza Silver Tequila proves that good things do come in affordable packages. Its clean, straightforward flavor with a hint of agave sweetness makes it a go-to for any tequila lover. Perfect for parties or a quiet night in, it’s versatile and reliable. Grab a bottle, and let the good times roll without worrying about the bill.

Avoid: Pancho Villa Silver ($11)

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Pancho Villa Silver is another budget tequila that needs to catch up. Its medicinal taste and harsh finish make it a poor choice for any drink. Many consumers find it undrinkable even when mixed. Investing in a higher-quality tequila is better than suffering through this one.

Written by Devin J