How Much Does Alvin Bragg Make? NYC’s New DA’s Salary Revealed

Alvin Bragg


Alvin Bragg is a well-known American politician and lawyer from New York State who is currently serving as the New York County District Attorney. He has made headlines in recent times due to his progressive policies that have been at the center of public debate. One of the most frequently asked questions about Alvin Bragg is how much he makes in his current role as the New York County District Attorney.

As a public official, Alvin Bragg’s salary is a matter of public record. According to the New York State Office of the Comptroller, the salary range for a New York County District Attorney is between $184,000 and $219,000 per year. However, it is important to note that the exact amount that Alvin Bragg makes may vary depending on factors such as his experience, qualifications, and tenure in the role.

Alvin Bragg’s Background

Alvin Bragg is a New York State politician and lawyer. He was born in Manhattan, New York, and grew up in Harlem. Bragg attended Trinity School before earning a Bachelor of Arts in government at Harvard College in 1995.

After completing his undergraduate studies, Bragg attended Harvard Law School, where he earned his Juris Doctor degree in 2000. Following law school, Bragg served as a law clerk for Judge Robert L. Carter of the Southern District of New York.

Before becoming a prosecutor, Bragg worked as a staff attorney for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, where he litigated cases involving voting rights, education, and criminal justice reform. Bragg also served as a federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York, where he worked on cases involving terrorism and public corruption.

In addition to his legal career, Bragg has also been involved in politics. He served as the Chief Deputy Attorney General for Social Justice in New York State from 2011 to 2017. In this role, Bragg oversaw the Civil Rights Bureau, the Environmental Protection Bureau, and the Charities Bureau.

Overall, Alvin Bragg’s background is one of extensive legal experience and political involvement. His work as a prosecutor and civil rights attorney has given him a unique perspective on the criminal justice system and the role of prosecutors in ensuring justice for all.

Salary of Alvin Bragg

According to public records, Alvin Bragg’s annual salary in 2018 was $194,814 when he was employed in the Office of the Attorney General. However, according to one source, his current annual salary is $200,000 as the District Attorney of New York. This makes him one of the highest-paid government officials in the state.

Alvin Bragg’s salary is significantly higher than the average and median salary in the Office of the Attorney General, where he previously worked. In fact, his salary was 143 percent higher than the average and 158 percent higher than the median salary in that office.

While Alvin Bragg’s salary may seem high, it is not uncommon for government officials in high-ranking positions to earn a six-figure salary. As the District Attorney of New York, Bragg is responsible for overseeing all criminal prosecutions in Manhattan, which is a significant responsibility that requires a great deal of experience and expertise.

It is important to note that Bragg’s salary is subject to change, as government officials’ salaries are often adjusted based on various factors such as budget changes and cost of living adjustments. However, for now, Alvin Bragg’s annual salary of $200,000 remains one of the highest in the state.

Alvin Bragg’s Job Responsibilities

As the Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg is responsible for leading the office that prosecutes crimes committed in Manhattan. He is the top prosecutor in the borough and oversees a team of lawyers and support staff who work to bring justice to victims of crime.

Some of Bragg’s specific job responsibilities include:

  • Deciding which cases to prosecute: Bragg has the authority to decide which cases to prosecute and which to dismiss. He must make these decisions based on the strength of the evidence and the likelihood of securing a conviction.
  • Overseeing investigations: Bragg works closely with law enforcement agencies to investigate crimes committed in Manhattan. He must ensure that investigations are conducted fairly and that evidence is collected and analyzed properly.
  • Arguing cases in court: Bragg and his team of prosecutors argue cases in court, presenting evidence and arguing for convictions. They must be skilled in legal argument and able to think on their feet in the courtroom.
  • Managing the office: As the head of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, Bragg is responsible for managing the office’s budget, hiring and training staff, and ensuring that the office runs smoothly and efficiently.

Overall, Alvin Bragg’s job is to ensure that justice is served in Manhattan. He must balance the need to prosecute criminals with the need to protect the rights of defendants, and he must do so in a way that is fair and impartial.

Comparison with Other District Attorneys

Alvin Bragg’s salary as the Manhattan District Attorney is one of the highest in the country, but how does it compare to other district attorneys across the United States?

According to a report by Forbes, the average salary for district attorneys across the country is around $150,000 per year. However, the salary for district attorneys can vary depending on the location and cost of living in that area.

For example, in Los Angeles County, the district attorney earns a salary of $335,000 per year, making it one of the highest-paying district attorney positions in the country. In contrast, the district attorney in Harris County, Texas, earns a salary of $179,000 per year.

When compared to other district attorneys in New York State, Alvin Bragg’s salary is on the higher end. According to data from the Empire Center, the district attorney in Queens County earns $225,000 per year, while the district attorney in Brooklyn earns $210,000 per year. The district attorney in the Bronx earns $205,000 per year, and the district attorney in Staten Island earns $200,000 per year.

Overall, while Alvin Bragg’s salary as the Manhattan District Attorney is high, it is not the highest in the country. However, it is on the higher end when compared to other district attorneys in New York State.

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