Bitcoin Round Up For 12/6/2017

$12k ATH, Square Cash Opens Up More Users to BTC, BTC to Lambo Is Here

Jamie Dimon Bitcoin for the stupid

As I anticipated last week, Bitcoin (BTC) has reached another all-time high, blowing past not only $12,000 but reaching as high as $13,200.  My theory behind this is that it’s being driven by a continuous positive news cycle and the slow turn around to open up new accounts and approve deposits on exchanges.

Aside from the excitement of another all-time high.  Here’s what’s happening in Bitcoin today.

Ron Paul wants to know if you were gifted $10,000, would you want it in the form of Federal Reserve Notes, Gold, Bitcoin, or a 10 Year US Treasury Bond.  Bitcoin please!

Square’s Cash App announced that it has rolled out the ability to purchase Bitcoin through their app to more users.  I think this is big news for Square and could be the means to drive mass adoption combined with institutional money entering the market to provide some much needed stability.

Here’s a fun one for today.  @aiiddaann  has created a site that makes it easy to see how much of a Lambo you can buy if you own one Bitcoin.


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