Inside The Alpina Gstaad, Panorama Suite, Switzerland

Alpina Gstaad, Panorama Suite, Switzerland

Nothing screams wealth and luxury quite like a suite that is the only one of its kind. That is precisely what the Alpina Gstaad Panorama Suite in Switzerland does; it offers those who can afford to pay the obscene prices a chance to experience something that only a handful of people in the entire world will ever experience. It’s a hotel suite with what most people might argue, the most amazing view in the world. The bar has been set by this luxury suite, and other hotels around the world are scrambling to figure out what they can do to achieve the same level of luxury – most to no avail.

The room itself is one-of-a-kind. Three bedrooms, two stories, and a floor to ceiling chimney fireplace are just a few of the upscale designs found in this suite. With a grand staircase, private balconies, and walk in dressing rooms, this amazing room is all that you might envision for luxury living at its finest. What makes it so amazing is the fact that the views from the floor to ceiling windows and private balconies off the bedrooms and living space offer not only pristine views of Switzerland from the south, but also from the north. Hence the term panorama. The suite has its own kitchen for private family events and gatherings, or even for a catered meal.

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suite bedroom

Located at the very top of the hotel, this is a room that is often referred to not by name but as the billionaire’s suite as this is who typically stays in this room. The good news is that it really does depend on the season how much a guest will pay for this room at night. The off-season sees massively discounted nightly rates for the panorama suite, meaning guests can secure the room for an affordable $13,000 per night, approximately. During the peak season in the Swiss Alps, however, guests are going to pay upwards of $21,000 per might to stay in this astounding room. Of course, we know that location is everything, and this room has it all. It’s at the top floor of a high-end resort that cost more than $336 million to build, in a quiet area free of press and those who want to see celebrities, and it’s everything upscale.

suite views

The most expensive time of year here will be the Christmas and New Year season when the world’s rich and famous flock to the hotel to make reservations. During the summer, though, is when you will find rates much lower than ever before. Perhaps it is the private sauna, the private spa or the Jacuzzi on one of the suite’s private terraces that is so appealing; or perhaps it is the view. A view like the one this room offers is a million-dollar view. In this case, it’s a billion-dollar view with plenty of wealthy people happy to pay the price to say that this is their preferred Swiss suite.

suite view

suite room

suite living room

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