What You Need to Know about Katy Perry Footwear

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Katy Perry is known for being just a bit different. She’s got a personal style that is all her own, and no one has been able to duplicate it. She rocked our worlds when she kissed a girl and she liked it, and she’s been doing just that ever since. We can honestly say that we can never wait to see what she has to wear in her new videos, how she will make them even more adorably entertaining than the last, and now she’s spending her free time hanging out with a naked Orlando Bloom on a paddle board, and we don’t hate that either. What we really love, however, is that Katy Perry now has her own line of shoes; and they’re completely her in every which way.

We’d describe Katy Perry as being playful in her fashion. She is not afraid to dress like a child, to glam it up and to have fun with anything and everything she wears; and we expect the unexpected every single time we see her. She’s fun, and she’s flirtatious, and she’s clever with her clothing. That makes us love her even more than we have in the past, and we are excited about her shoe line. Katy Perry Footwear is off the charts with popularity already, and we are not shocked by this in the least.

When she and Global Brands Group teamed up for the line, we knew it would be successful. After all, that’s the same company that works with Rachel Zoe, J.Lo and even David Beckham on their own fashion lines. Everything you can expect from Katy Perry comes from her always so futuristic vision. This line of shoes does not disappoint. Imagine shoes that look as if they belong long into the future. This is what you’re getting; lucite, metallic colors, vinyl, color blocking, bright hues, floral patterns and big heels are just a small example of what she has in her creative mind with her line of shoes.

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We don’t know too much about the line yet, but we do know that it’s going to be amazing based on some of the examples of drawings she’s released. She’s always wanted to design a line of shoes, and she’s not holding back with this line. It’s going to be amazing; and it’s going to include everything from stilettos to tennis shoes to flats and anything else you might want in a line of shoes.

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The line is being released for the Spring/Summer 2017 timeframe, and it will be in department stores, online and in specialty stores. If you want to wear her shoes, you can buy them for anywhere from $59 to $299, which makes them exceptionally affordable for a designer footwear line created by a celebrity of Katy Perry’s stature. We have high expectations for the queen of Twitter (she has more than 92 million followers) and we fully expect that the Katy Perry Footwear collection will sell out within minutes of being released. The official date has not yet been announced.

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Written by Tiffany Raiford

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