Seeks To Donate $85 Million Of Bitcoin To Charities

Bitcoin has certainly made multi-millionaires out of people who got in early. But what does one do once they have all those new found riches? Buy 10 Lambos? Maybe an island in the Caribbean? How about donating $85 Million in Bitcoin to charity?

Earlier today, the Redditor pineapplefund posted that they would be doing just that on the r/bitcoin subreddit…


I remember starting at bitcoin a few years ago. When bitcoin broke single digits for the first time, I thought that was a triumphant moment for bitcoin. I watched and admired the price jump to $15.. $20.. $30.. wow!

Today, I see $17,539 per BTC. I still don’t believe reality sometimes. Bitcoin has changed my life, and I have far more money than I can ever spend. My aims, goals, and motivations in life have nothing to do with having XX million or being the mega rich. So I’m doing something else: donating the majority of my bitcoins to charitable causes. I’m calling it 🍍 The Pineapple Fund.

Yes, donating ~$86 million worth of bitcoins to charities 🙂

So far, The Pineapple Fund has/is:

Donated $1 million to Watsi, an impressively innovative charity building technology to finance universal healthcare.

Donated $1 million to The Water Project, a charity providing sustainable water projects to suffering communities in Africa

Donating $1 million to the EFF, defending rights and privacy of internet users, fighting for net neutrality, and far far more

Donated $500k to BitGive Foundation, a charity building projects that leverage bitcoin and blockchain technology for global philanthropy.

If you know a registered nonprofit charity, please encourage them to apply on the fund’s website! While I prefer supporting registered charities, I am open to supporting charitable causes as well. Check out the website 🙂

All transactions are posted on the website for full transparency 🙂

edit: Pineapple Fund does not donate to individuals. Please do not post your addresses or PM.

edit 2: Thanks for the gold! Highlighting new comments is a really useful feature <3

Proof of funds can be seen here, and obviously anonymity is important to the owner of that wallet. What charity would you like to see supported?

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